Hollers Kernel System

Today's Holler focus is not something about telephone calls. it's a different business that must create income. It must furnish organization with crisp thoughts, must organization to get new clients and accomplish business objectives, it must work 24 hours a day, live reaction must be available inside few moments. At last, the administrator's reaction must take care of client issues instantly. The point of this product is simplifying the complexities of Hollers by tending to every one of these issues therefore prompting its operational advantages. 

There are different perspectives on Hollers focus: 
1) administrator view point 
2) client view point 
3) Management perspective. 
Client wishes the issue to be fathomed. Administrators' employment is to take care of the issue. Shouldn't something be said about administration? These individuals dependably make things working legitimately. So what is the best thing that calls focus supervisor can do? How to oversee Hollers Centre proficiently? This product helps' these individuals in dealing with the Hollers Centre. 

Existing System
        Inefficiency in looking after program (shift) subtle elements.
        Does not give data identified with representatives occasions.
        Inadequate no of administrations
        Does not store the voice data. 

Proposed System
        Employees' list subtle elements are looked after proficiently.
        Proper grouping of representatives and their areas of expertise.
        The current framework gives more than one administration.
        Voice data of client is kept up in database.
        Holidays' data about representatives kept up.
        Generates different sorts of reports. 

Number of Modules
The framework after cautious investigation has been recognized to be given the accompanying modules:
1.       Authentication Module
2.       Employees Module
3.       Customers Module
4.       Calls support Modules
5.       Admin Module
6.       Reports Module 

Modules Description
1.       Authentication and Security Module
The client subtle elements ought to be checked against the points of interest in the client tables and on the off chance that it is legitimate client, they ought to be gone into the framework. Once entered, in light of the client sort access to the distinctive modules to be empowered/incapacitated.
2.       Employees Module
Worker is enlisted by manager subsequent to joining. Every representative is allotted division, assignment, move and administration.
Executive can change worker subtle elements.
3.       Customer Module
This module is separated into two sub modules.
A.      Customer Services Module
B.      Customer Request Module
4.       Call Maintenance Module
In this module, The calls went to by different workers are kept up. These calls are recorded and put away inside database. It keep up data of client like crusted, ,call id, call time, call sort, administration sort and so forth.

5.       Reports Module:
The framework produces different sorts of reports identified with clients, calls. 

Clients of the System
1.       Admin
2.       Employees
3.       Customers 

Programming Requirements
Working System                                      Windows XP/2003
Client Interface                                       HTML, CSS
Customer side Scripting                         JavaScript
Programming Language                          Java
Web Applications                                    JDBC, Servlets, JSP
IDE/Workbench                                       MyEclipse
Database                                                   Oracle/Access
Server Deployment                                 Tomcat

Equipment Requirements
Processor                                                 Pentium IV
Hard Disk                                                 40GB
RAM                                                         512MB or more


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