James is extremely energized today. He is at the dockyard where his dad works. His dad had guaranteed him to demonstrate the boats and submarine, if James stood first in class for his last, most decisive test. 

James did not know of the amaze that was sitting tight for him. His dad had taken uncommon authorization to permit them two to see the insides of a submarine. 

James really wanted to screech in fervour when his dad took him submerged inside a submarine. 'I don't feel as though I am under the water surface, said James. 'Come, observe this, said father indicating an instrument. James looked through it and was pleased to see the articles above water. He couldn't trust his eyes. He could see the land around. He could see individuals strolling around in the dockyard. I know this is a periscope, said James, who had perused about it in books. Seeing James so energized, father guaranteed him that he will make his very own periscope. When they got back home, both James and his dad got down to making a periscope Along these lines, move up your sleeves, and go ahead!! Make your own periscope.
You will need:

Cardboard pencil box, or some other comparative box, two rectangular mirrors, cello tape, paper cutter, scissors. 
Stamp 2.5cm from every end of the crate. Cut three sides just (one major and two little) at these finishes. Twist the cuts at right edges as appeared. Append the mirrors utilizing cello tape where the case has been bowed. This ought to be done in such a way, to the point that the reflect surfaces are confronting the case at right edges Guarantee that both the bowed parts of the pencil box are at right edges. You may append a bit of cello tape for this. Presently hold the periscope vertical and peep through the lower rectangular window. Are you ready to see objects situated at a more elevated amount? How could that be A periscope like the one you have made utilizations two mirrors. 


Take a gander at the outline of a periscope appeared here. The mirrors are set with the goal that one reflect mirrors the light from the protest onto a second reflect. The second reflect then mirrors the light shaft to your eyes. Ray graph of a periscope. A periscope is regularly utilized as a part of submarines. The commander of the submarine uses it to see what happens above water and to distinguish adversaries. So now what are you sitting tight for? Inspire prepared to crest around corners, over the fence and over tabletops also, amaze your companions. Have a great time!



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