Musical AF/IF checker

Musical AF/IF checker
There are a few flag generator circuit proposed by numerous architects yet few are solid over extend. The vast majority of the circuits are intended for an altered or consistent recurrence goes. This circuit produces music rather than 10 KHz swaying. Music notes are regulated to 455 KHz. The adjusted flag is utilized for checking and arrangement of IFTs at the season of overhauling of sound hardware. The fundamental parts of the circuit are sound tone generator, RF oscillator and modulator. For sound tone generator the musical IC UM66 (IC1) utilized. This IC has 64-note ROM memory.

The oscillator area comprises of low-commotion precious stone oscillator. The precious stone of 455 KHz utilized for recurrence control. There is no recurrence float in the circuit as no tuned circuit is being utilized. In this way, the IFTs can be adjusted effectively. The yield segment of the circuit is modulator which tweaks the AF and RF signals. The tweaked flag is taped from the yield jack. The entire setup is encased in a little metal box. The yield jack and switch SW1 are fitted on the front board of the container. 

At the point when switch SW1 is in position A, we can get the balanced IF motion from the jack. Whenever the switch is in position B, we get AF motion from the jack. For arrangement of 2-band radio we can supplant the gem with another precious stone delivering frequencies of 550 KHz, 1600 KHz, 600 KHz, 5MHz or 16 MHz and supplant the IFT with a little ferrite center transformer.

Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon unless expressed generally)
R1 = 270 Ω; R2 = 220 Ω; R3, R7 = 10 Kω; R4 = 470 Kω; R5 = 4.7 Kω; R6 = 1.2 Kω; R8 = 220 Kω; R9 = 1 Kω
C1 = 1 μF/16V; C2, C4 = 0.1 μF; C4 = 390 pF; C5 = 0.04 μF; C6 = 0.01 μF; C7 = 100 μF/16v
IC1 = UM66; T1, T2 = BF494B; D1 = 1N4148; ZD1 = 3V 400mW Incidental XTAL1 = 455 KHz SW1 = 1-shaft two way switch IFT


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