Programmed Water Pump Controller , Night Vision Enhancer

Programmed Water Pump Controller
Here's a circuit that naturally controls the water pump engine. The engine gets consequently exchanged on when water in the overhead tank (OHT) falls beneath as far as possible. Thus, it gets exchanged off when the tank is topped off. Worked around stand out NAND entryway IC (CD4011), the circuit is straightforward, minimized and temperate. It works off a 12V DC control supply and expends almost no power.

Water Pump Controller
Here is a straightforward circuit for controlling water level in an overhead tank. The primary parts of this pump controller are a stage down transformer, a 24V AC twofold changeover hand-off, two buoys what's more, two small scale switches. Any accessible hand-off can be utilized independent of its curl voltage. Of course, current rating of contacts ought to be considered by engine control. The hand-off ought to have two contacts. A stage down transformer having auxiliary voltage suited to the loop voltage of the transfer is utilized. As the circuit works off AC, no amendment is important. Micro switches S1 and S2 altered on top of the water tank are worked by independent buoys: one for detecting the bottom level and the other for top level. A three-center wire is utilized for interfacing these changes to the hand-off. 

Night Vision Enhancer
Here is a straightforward green LED spotlight worked around 555 clock IC (IC1) and fueled from a 3V battery pack. Another circuit Stack shedding is the regular issue in creating nation where understudy is more affected. By remembering this issue the gathering of dream lover innovation post exceptionally basic, helpful and modest venture utilizing ultra-splendid white LEDs which give adequate light to perusing reason which expend low power i.e. 3 watts of force. It works like crisis light i.e. at the point when AC mains disappointment, the battery reinforcement circuit in a split second light up the LEDs yet when the power resumes, the battery supply is naturally separated and this circuit again chips away at AC mains. 

Circuit Description of LED-based perusing light
For power segment the circuit of LED-based perusing light utilize connect rectifier associated with auxiliary curl of 0-7.5V, 500mA stage down transformer X1. Throbbing DC from yield of rectifier is given to contribution of voltage controller IC1 for immaculate DC yield. All LEDs (LED1 to LED10) is associated in parallel over the yield of voltage controller. Here resistors R1 to R10 are associated in arrangement with the LEDs separately to constrain the current. In this circuit 5 more LEDs can be utilized for light to build force in similar way utilized. At the point when AC mains accessible transfer RL1 stimulated and separate to battery and the other way around on truant of AC mains. For charging battery, a lead from rectifier is straightforwardly associated with positive and negative terminals of battery. Here diode D5 andD6 is utilized as turn around current insurance diode that don't permit the battery current to stream towards the supply segment and diode D7 is for turnaround extremity insurance. 

Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)
R1-R10 = 56 Ω
C1 = 1000 μF/16V; C2 = 0.1 μF
IC1 = 7805 Voltage controller


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