Sun powered Tracking System

Sun powered Tracking System
For the most part, sun powered boards are stationary and don't take after the development of the sun. Here is a sunlight based tracker framework that tracks the sun's development over the sky and tries to keep up the sun powered board opposite to the sun's beams, guaranteeing that the most extreme measure of daylight is occurrence on the board for the duration of the day. The sun powered tracker begins taking after the sun right from day break, all through the day till night, and starts from the very beginning again from the day break following day. 

The sun powered tracker involves comparator IC LM339, H-connect engine driver IC L293D (IC2) and a couple of discrete parts. Light-needy resistors LDR1 through LDR4 are utilized as sensors to distinguish the board's position with respect to the sun. These give the flag to engine driver IC2 to move the sun oriented board in the sun's bearing. LDR1 and LDR2 are altered at the edges of the sun powered board along the X pivot, and associated with comparators A1 and A2, individually. Presets VR1 and VR2 are set to get low comparator yield at pins 2 and 1 of comparators A1 and A2, separately, in order to stop engine M1 when the sun's beams are opposite to the sun based board. At the point when LDR2 gets more light than LDR1, it offers bring down resistance than LDR1, giving a high contribution to comparators A1 and A2 at pins 4 and 7, individually. Therefore, yield stick 1 of comparator A2 goes high to pivot engine M1 in one bearing (say, hostile to clockwise) and turn the sun powered board. 

At the point when LDR1 gets more light than LDR2, it offers bring down resistance than LDR2, giving a low contribution to comparator A1 and A2 at pins 4 and 7, separately. As the voltage at stick 5 of comparator A1 is currently higher than the voltage at its stick 4, its yield stick 2 goes high. Accordingly, engine M1 pivots the other way (say, clock-wise) and the sun based board turns. So also, LDR3 and LDR4 track the sun along Y pivot. Fig. 2 demonstrates the proposed get together for the sun based following framework.


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