The venture has been outlined keeping in view the present peace circumstance on the planet. Ordinary several prepared work force are either harmed or lose their lives while defusing bombs. This can be audited by the endless number of news things seeming day by day in daily papers around the world. 

Despite the fact that the possibility of our venture is unique, various tasks with comparative functionalities can be found. For Example the British Police have a bomb transfer robot, the Israeli Armed force have it and it is likewise being utilized by bomb transfer squads and various conditions of USA. The principle thought of this robot is to consistently hunt down bombs and if discovered it ought to arrange it off in view of safe transfer rules. The robot is furnished with sensors to distinguish deterrents in its way and maintain a strategic distance from them. 

The robot consistently moves in the room looking for unclaimed items. Utilizing a bomb identification sensor it distinguishes the bomb. Bombs are gotten and caries it to a protected place to dipose.. The robot is self-governing and does not require human mediation amid this operation. Our robot gives an additional layer of security to the bomb transfer squad by making the procedure without human mediation. The robot has two haggles driven utilizing differential drive component. The backside is given with a free wheel to adjusting the robot. A one level of opportunity arm with push pull instrument is given to handle the bomb. The arm pulls the bomb into the compartment and takes it to a removed place for transfer. 

The robot is remotely controlled by programming calculation. The different capacities doled out to the remote are push ahead, in reverse, right, left, stop, push arm and force arm. Every one of the engines are controlled by microcontroller based implanted framework. LM293 based H connect engine driver is utilized to drive the outfitted DC engines. We are utilizing microcontroller as a part of our venture. This venture utilizes directed 5v, 500mA power supply. 7805, a three terminal voltage controller is utilized for voltage control. Connect sort full wave rectifier is utilized to amend the air conditioner yield of optional of 230/12v stage down transformer.


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