This venture is a standalone programmed fan speed controller for hatchery applications that controls the speed of an electric fan as per our prerequisite. Utilization of inserted innovation makes this shut circle input control framework effective and dependable. Small scale controller ATMEGA16 permits changing and speedier control. Fluid precious stone show (LCD) makes the framework easy to use. The detected temperature level is shown on the LCD board. 

It is exceptionally smaller utilizing couple of parts and can be executed for a few applications. ATMEGA16 miniaturized scale controller is the heart of the circuit as it controls all the capacities. Our tasks manages keeping up steady temperature simply like mother's womb in LOW Taken a toll INCUBATOR. We have a temperature measuring gadget, it monitors the temperature in the hatchery and if inside temperature is high it will debilitate abundance temperature by fumes fan. 

The speed of the fan is balanced by temperature. On the off chance that temperature is more fan speed will be high. In the event that temperature is low fan speed is low. Due to non moderateness of hatcheries kid mortality is high in AP. We wish to address this issue by building up the hatchery. Working: A national semiconductor accuracy temperature sensor is utilized to distinguish variety in temperature. The gadget has 0.5 degree precision. The yield of the sensor has direct association with temperature. It is broadly utilized as a part of medicinal gadgets.

Not at all like thermisters which are non straight, are hard to align. The yield is specifically accessible in degrees temperature for accommodation of client. The hatchery has office to set diverse temperature ranges for diverse paces of the fan.This venture utilizes directed and completely collected power supply. This venture is helpful in process businesses for support and controlling of Boilers temperature.


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