CANat is a yearly rivalry led for space related subjects by NASA fly impetus research center, USA. The target of the venture is to outline and construct a CANSat to catch different ground pictures and after that amass these pictures to make a guide of the ground utilizing business or custom programming. The venture includes an outline to record the time, position, and elevation when the photo was taken. Make up for introduction and height changes.


The group must Indicate on a guide of the region where the pictures relate. The group that makes the most precise guide will get the most focuses for the flight part of the opposition. An order uplink is required to begin recording. Radio telemetry must be gathered progressively to incorporate position, elevation, introduction, and the time the picture is caught.

 The position information gathered and displayed by every group will be contrasted and information gathered from gadgets on the rocket and from an official denoting the arrival spot of the Can Sat with a GPS recipient. The rocket gadgets will give information demonstrating the most extreme height. The GPS recipient information will demonstrate range and bearing from the platform to the Can Sat landing site. The picture outline will be contrasted with maps and a reference picture guide of the region.

The above venture is hard to actualize without adequate subsidizing, however our exertion in the venture is execute most basic modules with locally accessible parts. We expect to utilize Zigbee for remote beneficiary alongside GPS and temperature sensors.



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