Concept of two-way switch

What is a two-way switch?
While moving up or down the stairs, do you ever think how the knob gets lit by squeezing either the switch fitted at the top or at the base of the stairs?

Amid night, while climbing the stairs, you press the switch and the globule illuminates. On achieving upstairs, you press the switch fitted there and the light goes off. At that point another person comes after you. He too presses a similar switch and the gleam spreads all around. This implies you can utilize any of the two switches fitted in the stairs for putting on or off a similar knob. Be that as it may, do you know how this plan works?

The wiring in the staircase is not quite the same as the one embraced somewhere else in the house. Today, you will learn with reference to how the association is made between the switches and the globule to finish the circuit. Be that as it may, for doing this, we will utilize a battery cell for well being.

Notwithstanding two 1.5 volt cells, one 3 volt globule and a couple copper wires or circuit wires, you will require 2 two-way switches. The distinction between these switches and the standard switches is that these have four gaps rather than the typical two for fixing the wire wherein one upper and one lower opening of a similar side stay associated by the wire or a metal strip.

Interface the switch and the globule with wires as appeared in the chart and alter them on a plywood or wooden board. There might be some trouble in interfacing the globule with the circuit. For this, cut two thin strips fit as a fiddle appeared in the chart and subsequently this issue can be illuminated.

With the position of the switches as they have been appeared in the graph, the knob will illuminate the minute you interface the circuit with the cells however in the event that you put on or off any of the switches, the globule will go off or on. Presently you more likely than not comprehended the mystery of working of these two-way switch frameworks fitted at the top and the base of the staircase.


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