Digital code lock using discrete Components

This is a basic however successful code bolt circuit that has a programmed reset office. The circuit is made around the double flip-tumble IC CD4013.Two CD 4013 ICs are utilized here. Push catch switches are utilized for entering the code number. One side of all the push catch changes are associated with +12V DC. The rest of the end of push catches 2,3,6,8 is associated with clock input pins of the filp-flops. 

The rest of the end of other push catch switches are shorted and associated with the set stick of the filp-flops. The hand-off loop will be initiated just if the code is entered in right succession and if there is any variety, the bolt will be resettled. Here is right code is 2368.When you squeeze 2 the initially flip flop (IC1a) will be activated and the esteem at the information in (pin9) will be exchanged to the Q yield (pin13).Since stick 9 is grounded the esteem is "0" thus the stick 13 turns out to be low. 

For the consequent squeezing of the rest of the code digits in the right arrangement the "0" will achieve the Q yield (pin1) of the last flip slump (IC2b).This makes the transistor ON and the transfer is energised. The programmed reset office is accomplished by the resistor R11 and capacitor C2.The positive end of capacitor C2 is associated with the set stick of the filp-flops. When the transistor is exchanged ON, the capacitor C2 starts to charge and when the voltage crosswise over it gets to be adequate the flip-failures are resettled. This makes the bolt open for an altered measure of time and afterward it bolts consequently. 

The time deferral can be balanced by fluctuating the estimations of R11 and C2. This venture utilizes directed 5v, 500mA power supply. 7805, a three terminal voltage controller is utilized for voltage direction. Connect sort full wave rectifier is utilized to correct the air conditioner yield of auxiliary of 230/12v stage down transformer.


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