Grasp a test tube in which water is being boiled

Is it conceivable that you grasp a test tube in which water is being boiled?
Take a test tube and fill 3/fourth of it with water, (yet make certain that the test tube is warmth verification). Presently hold the test tube in a slanted position (as appeared in the graph), so that the fire of the flame begins warming the upper level of the water. After at some point, the water will begin bubbling and it will be unmistakable ascending as steam.

How energizing will it look that you are grasping a test tube without trouble, in which the water is being bubbled! Be that as it may, don't envision that you can keep holding the test tube in a similar way by its upper segment as well, when the tube is being warmed from the base side. There is an endless distinction between the two circumstances. Guess what?

We can't hold the test tube from wherever when it is warmed from the base side since water gets to be lighter on warming, and henceforth, it ascends to make space for the cool water. This procedure proceeds till the whole water begins bubbling. Inferable from their contact with high temp water, the dividers of the test tube likewise get warmed. Thus in this condition, it is unrealistic to hold the test tube.

The circumstance is very extraordinary when the water is warmed from the upper part of the tube. The subject of dilute continuing warming does not emerge as the water from this bit is lighter. It rather continues getting changed over into steam at the upper segment of the tube itself, and the water at the lower part stays unaffected by the warmth. It is at exactly that point that you can remain holding the tube.


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