1. Why do we jump at the chance to wear garments of light shade in summer? 
2. Could the properties of a magnet be created in a standard needle?  

1. Why do we jump at the chance to wear garments of light shade in summer? 
Take two indistinguishable test tubes and fill them with cool water. Note down the temperature of the icy water. Presently cover one of the test-tubes with white and the other with dark paper. At that point keep them next to each other in the sun, in any event for 60 minutes.

Following one hour when you measure the temperature of both the test-tubes, you will be astonished to see the incomprehensible distinction between their temperatures regardless of the way that they were the same before all else and both were set in the sun at a similar place and for a similar time. The distinction lay in just wrapping them independently with high contrast paper—you should not have believed that this minor distinction will make such a major impact. 

A large portion of the daylight falling on the white paper gets reflected though the dark paper ingests the real part of the daylight falling on it. It is because of this reason the warmth acquired by the daylight builds the temperature of the tube secured with the dark paper considerably more in contrast with the temperature of the other tube wrapped in white paper. 

This is the logical purpose for wearing light-shaded garments in summer. The dull hued garments assimilate the warmth of the sun and make uneasiness amid summer while the light-shaded garments disperse the warmth by reflecting it back. Henceforth, we feel cool and agreeable by wearing light-shaded garments in summers. 

2. Could the properties of a magnet be created in a standard needle? 
To lead this trial, you will require a standard needle and a magnet. Presently hold the needle in one hand and the magnet in the other. Keep one end of the magnet toward one side of the needle and rub the magnet over it from end to end. Presently lift the magnet and take it back to its underlying position. Rehash the procedure twice or thrice as well as 70 to 75 times as per the prerequisite and that too in one bearing as it were. Also, every time from a similar end of the magnet—please make a special effort to be cautious about this precautionary measure. 

To test whether the characteristics of attraction have been initiated in the needle or not, bring a stick close it. It gets pulled in towards the needle! In this way, your motivation is served. You can make a compass with the assistance of this needle. Would you like to know, how? Goodness, nothing can be less demanding than this! 

Take a plug and permit it to coast on water. Puncture the needle through this stopper in a manner that the two finishes of the needle stay anticipated from this plug. OK? Thus, your little compass is prepared!


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