Attraction is the force of specific stones and metals to draw in each other. As per legend, the disclosure of attraction happened around 3000 a long time back in an old Middle Eastern nation called Magnesia. One day, the story goes, a shepherd thought that it was hard to lift his iron tipped staff from specific places on the ground.

 In the wake of researching, he understood that he experienced issues just when the iron tip was on a specific kind of dim stone. These stones were loads tones (in some cases spelled "lodestone"), which contain a sort of iron metal called magnetite. Since attraction got to be known, man has discovered much about this control and concocted numerous utilization's for it. With the guide of science, he has moreover figured out how to bestow attraction to specific metals which don't have it actually. 

Assemble the accompanying hardware: A magnet and tests of the same number of diverse substances as you can discover - wood, metals, fluids, elastic, material,etc. Attempt to get tests of the greatest number of components as you can find. Components are the essential substance of which all matter is made - all fluids, all solids, all gasses - even air, which is a blend of gasses. A component is made up of stand out sort of particle. Researchers have discovered 92 components in nature and have made 10 counterfeit components. It is very conceivable that later on they will have the capacity to make more fake components.

 For your test, you can most likely discover objects made of iron, copper, gold, or silver, which are all regular components. On page 81 there is a rundown of all the known components. Take after this methodology: Touch the magnet to each of the materials you have assembled, and afterward gradually pull it away. You will watch: The magnet pulls in just those items which contain iron, nickel or cobalt. Despite the fact that you can just observe the impacts of attraction on iron, nickel and cobalt, researchers trust that attraction has some impact on all substances. For all commonsense purposes, in any case, we say that it influences just iron, nickel what's more, cobalt.


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