Make Paper and Cork Dance under Glass

Make Paper and Cork Dance under Glass
You will require: A little sheet of glass, two books, silk cloth, tissue paper, stopper, glycerin. It is astounding to perceive how effortlessly and rapidly a charge of friction based electricity can be initiated in a sheet of glass by rubbing it energetically with a silk cloth. 
Secure the closures of the glass between the pages of two books, raising the glass with the goal that it is about J creep from the top of the table. Tear some tissue paper into small scraps and spread these out underneath the glass. 

Rub energetically on top of the sheet with the bit of silk. Inside a few moments the scraps of tissue paper will seem to "move" in an energetic way as they are pulled in by the static charge of power that you are delivering in the sheet of glass. A variety of this examination is to supplant the tissue paper with little bits of plug (got by cutting and cleaving a conventional jug stopper). These can likewise be made to "perform" once you have initiated a static charge in the sheet of glass. It is conceivable to create a adequately solid charge of static power so that the scraps of stopper will dangle from the underside of the glass like smaller than normal stalactites.
On the off chance that you truly wish to astonish your companions, nonetheless, let them know that the bits of plug are obedient to the point that you can make them shape the underlying of your name. The mystery of this trap is to first have your sheet of glass reasonably arranged. This is finished by spreading a layout of glycerin fit as a fiddle of your underlying on the underside of the glass. When you now rub the highest point of the glass with the silk hanky, the bits of stopper will be pulled in to the underside. Where they come into contact with the glycerin they really stick to the glass. Quit rubbing the glass and the bits of stopper outside the glycerin blueprint will fall back to the table, leaving your underlying plainly "composed" in stopper chips.


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