Microcontroller Based Neural Network Controlled Low Cost Autonomous Vehicle

In this venture, outline of an ease independent vehicle in view of neural arrange for route in obscure situations is introduced. The vehicle is outfitted with IR Transmitter and IR Receiver which is utilized to discover the obstruction in the way of the Vehicle, a GPS collector for objective position data, a GSM modem for changing goal put on run time, Engine Driver is utilized to drive the engines, all interfaced to a minimal effort LPC2148 micro controller. 

The micro controller forms the data obtained from the sensors and produces robot movement charges in like manner through neural system. The neural system running inside the micro controller is a multi layer nourishes forward system with back-proliferation preparing calculation. The system is prepared disconnected with digression sigmoid as enactment capacity for neurons and is actualized progressively with piece wise straight estimate of digression sigmoid capacity. 

Comes about have demonstrated that up to twenty neurons can be actualized in concealed layer with this strategy. The vehicle is tried with differing goal puts in open air situations containing stationary as well as moving deterrents and is found to achieve the set targets effectively.


The Micro controller we are chosen here is LPC2148 ARM controller. This ARM controller comprises of two RS232 ports which can speak with GPS and GSM modem at once. The working voltage of ARM is 3.3v which will be done in power circuit square. The objective area values (Longitude & Latitude) are sent as message to GSM module which is associated with the Controller. 

The controller will investigate the present position estimations of the vehicle and comp area it to goal position esteem and make the engines to turn with the end goal that it achieves the Destination. At the point when heading off to the goal if there is any deterrent it will be seen by utilizing IR Transmitter and Recipient and make the vehicle to pivot and move to goal position. Once the vehicle comes to the goal the Buzzer will switches on.


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