Put a couple of binoculars in an open window in the immediate way of the sun's beams. Stand a reflect before one eyepiece with the goal that it tosses a picture of the sun on to the inverse mass of the room. 

Change the reflect until the picture is sharp, and obscure the room. You would chance harming your eyes in the event that you took a gander at the sun through binoculars, yet you can see the splendid plate on the divider as vast and clear as in the films.

 Mists and winged creatures ignoring can likewise be recognized and. in the event that the binoculars are great even sunspots. These are a couple of hot regions on the gleaming circle, some so enormous that numerous earthly globes could fit into them. Due to the world's turn, the sun's picture moves rapidly over the divider. Remember to re-adjust the binoculars every now and then onto the sun. The moon and stars can't be seen in along these lines on the grounds that the light originating from them is excessively feeble.
Put a window box with a long stick altered into the gap at the base in a spot, which is sunny, throughout the day. The stick's shadow moves along the edge of the pot as the sun moves. Every hour by the clock check the position of the shadow on the pot. On the off chance that the sun is sparkling, you can read off the time. On account of the turn of the earth the sun obviously disregards us in a semi-circle. In the morning and night its shadow strikes the pot externally, while; it late morning, around 12 o'clock, the light occurrence is most noteworthy. The shadow can be seen especially plainly on the inclining mass of the pot.


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