Satic electricity

Is it conceivable to securely store friction based electricity for future utilize? 
To demonstrate that electricity produced via friction can be put away securely, you will need to make a basic model called the Leyden Jar. For this reason, take 12.5 cm long bit of a disposed of coat-holder and transform one end of it into the state of a snare as appeared in the graph. Presently take a 15 mm thick square wooden strip which may effortlessly cover the mouth of a glass tumbler. Make an opening at the focal point of the wooden strip and alter the guide into it. Encourage, make a chain of paper clasps and suspend this chain on the snare.

One all the more thing you will require and that is known as aluminum thwart. It is a thin paper like piece of aluminum. You need to stick this thwart with gum on the lower half of the glass, both inside and outside. Subsequent to doing it, put the wooden strip alongside the snare and the chain of paper clasps on the mouth of the glass in a manner that the chain of paper clasps stay suspended inside the glass.

Take some more aluminum thwart and fold it into the state of a little ball and push the open end of the guide into this ball. Presently take a long bit of protected wire and expel protection from both the finishes. Set one end of the wire on the thwart outside the glass with the assistance of a tape and associate the flip side with the pipe of your water tap. What's more, now your Leyden container is prepared.

For charging this jug, rub a brush against a bit of woolen material and touch the chunk of the aluminum thwart with that brush. Rehash this technique a few times. Presently keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate the scene of release of power by your own particular eyes, take a hanger wire around 20 cm long and shape it in a semi-circle. Stick a couple layers of the tape on the center some portion of this semi-circle. Hold that wire by the taped part and touch one end of it with the aluminum thwart outside the glass and the flip side with the ball on top. Before it touches the ball, you will watch a start blazing out from the ball towards the end of the wire demonstrating that the electricity produced via friction put away by you has been released.


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