Movement is formally sorted out in numerous locales, with stamped paths, intersections, crossing points, trades, activity flags, or signs. Activity is regularly grouped by sort: overwhelming engine vehicle (e.g., auto, truck); other vehicle (e.g., moped, bike); and passerby. Diverse classes may share speed points of confinement and easement, or might be isolated. 

A few locales may have exceptionally itemized and complex principles of the street. Presently a day each framework is computerized with a specific end goal to confront new difficulties. Mechanization has diminished mistakes because of manual operations and enhanced adaptability, unwavering quality and precision. The extend proposed arrangement is an  rendition of existing time movement administration.

 Crossing point that is the most well-known setup for intersections. The fundamental downside of ordinary programmed movement light controller is that it gives same prearranged time span for all sides. It doesn't react to element needs of the movement stream. On the off chance that we consider an intersection, the movement from all bearings may not be same and thickness will change according to time. On the off chance that control framework does not react to movement thickness then activity be come wild. In our proposed extend we utilize IR closeness sensor to break down activity thickness. 

A couple of IR transmitter and collector is utilized to recognize movement entering the intersection. For IR correspondence we are utilizing an IR transmitter and IR collector. Here IR LED will goes about as a transmitter. As we know micro controller having inbuilt I/O ports and we are interfacing IR collectors to those I/O ports. For controlling of movement we are utilizing red, green and yellow shading LED's. These LED's are associated with various I/O ports of micro controller. At the point when there is a more activity micro controller offers flag to green LED and it will shine. So by utilizing this venture we can control the activity naturally like an individual.

 How our venture is distinctive: not at all like altered time based movement light control for whole day we propose to configuration movement light control in light of genuine activity on street as opposed to expectation technique followed in different usage.


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