As Gandhiji said "India lives in towns" which has 600.000 towns spread over the length what's more, expansiveness of the nation, which are scattered bunches along the length and broadness of the country.. Telemedicine is an empowering innovation which diminishes the computerized isolate among urban what's more, provincial India with routes in which PCs and media transmission can be joined to enhance the nature of social insurance by connecting remote locales with focuses of Medical skill. These country masses are ignorant people and regularly inhabit places, having no legitimate streets, correspondence, Educational offices and most essential medicinal care. Under these conditions it is extremely troublesome for them to reach closest urban communities in ideal time going through aloof landscapes.

In the traditional framework quiet need to travel longer separations to meet the specialist. The treatment is exorbitant and not reasonable by normal men. Because of a few such reasons and absence of instruction the provincial individuals are compelled to approach nonqualified, not well prepared wellbeing laborers, which brings about non proficient restorative practices, which are hazardous. In Particular ladies amid pregnancy are generally helpless. Measurements uncover that the majority of the fatalities do happen amid and instantly after conveyance.

The motivation behind our venture is to give the better restorative offices to the rustic individuals of the world who are all around detached from urban populace, by method for gadgets and correspondence strategies, giving best of urban aptitude to provincial poor and unskilled masses. Thus we are proposing a substitute and inventive endeavor to address the above issue. The proposed framework is a microcontroller based plan. The booth serves as a small healing facility for normal infirmities. It has the accompanying offices. Characteristic dialect question based translator (strong state recording based voice) Temperature sensor, Medicine container, Automatic shut down control, nearness based patient discovery, Audio caution and so forth This venture utilizes managed 5v, 500mA power supply. 7805, a three terminal voltage controller is utilized for voltage direction. Connect sort full wave rectifier is utilized to amend the air conditioner yield of auxiliary of 230/12v stage down transformer.


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