What is a telescope?
We contemplate the heavenly bodies with the assistance of a telescope. In any case, what, all things considered is this telescope and on what rule does it work?

A telescope is an instrument with the assistance of which we can see far off articles nearer and bigger. In the event that you wish to determine joy by observing through a telescope made without anyone else's input, you will require only two amplifying glasses of various forces. To discover the distinction between the forces of the two amplifying glasses, take an open book and keep these glasses next to each other however a couple of centimeters far from the book.

What do you see? In contrast with the one, the print size of the book will show up marginally greater or littler, when seen through both the focal points. The focal point which demonstrates the print greater has unquestionably more power than the other. Presently bring the glass with lesser power and keep it around 5 cm far from your eyes. At that point hold the all the more capable glass before it. Organize both the glasses in a manner that you can see a reasonable picture of an inaccessible question. You will see that the picture is bigger and nearer as well as. Request that your companion measure the separation between the two glasses. (As you definitely know, the amplifying glass is a curved focal point).

Presently you know how to make a little functioning model of the telescope from the previously mentioned plan of the glasses. Move two sheets of solid paper to make two tubes whose widths ought to nearly be equivalent to the distances across of the amplifying glasses. Wrap some additional paper on the tube having littler distance across with the goal that it can slide effortlessly inside the greater tube.

You should play it safe that the length of the tube ought to be no less than 5 cm more than the separation between the two focal points. The length of the other tube ought to be not exactly the first. Presently move one tube inside the other and conform them to see the reasonable and extensive' picture of a far off protest.


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