This venture is standalone computerized temperature meter that additionally controls the temperature of the warming component of a gadget as indicated by its necessity. Utilization of inserted innovation makes this shut circle criticism control framework proficient and dependable. Microcontroller ATMEGA16 permits dynamic and quick control. Push catch switches and LCD show make the framework easy to use. The detected and set temperature qualities are at the same time showed on the LCD show.


The circuit is modified for on/off control. It is extremely smaller utilizing couple of segments and can be executed for a few applications including aeration and cooling systems, water warmers, snow melters, broilers, warm exchangers, blenders, heaters, hatcheries, warm showers, swimming pools, veterinary working tables and so on. Smaller scale controller is the heart of the circuit as it controls every one of the capacities.

The temperature sensor LM35 faculties the temperature and believers it into an electrical flag, which is connected to microcontroller through ADC. The simple flag is changed over into advanced arrangement by ADC. The microcontroller drives the transfer driver to work the warming component. The set temperature esteem can be shifted (1-255) degree centigrade utilizing an outside PCB mount push on switch.

A solitary shaft single toss transfer is associated with the microcontroller through a hand-off driver circuit. The hand-off requires 12v at an ebb and flow 50ma, which is past the driving ability of microcontroller consequently a transfer driver is utilized. The transfer is utilized to work the outer radiator. Ordinarily the hand-off stays of when microcontroller sees high on its base the hand-off works.

This venture utilizes directed 5V, 500ms power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage controller is utilized for voltage direction. Extension is utilized to redress the air conditioner yield of 230/12V stage down transformer. This venture discovers utilizes as a part of process enterprises for upkeep and controlling of kettle or stove temperature.


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