Automatic Irrigation System

Agribusiness is a wellspring of work of dominant part Indians and has incredible effect on the economy of the nation. In spots, for example, horticulture lands, there is a nonstop requirement for checking the water level at specific places. A individual needs to deliberately screen the water level at customary interim. His work gets to be tedious amid evening times and for continuous power cuts. 

Automatic  Irrigation System

Now and then there is wastage of water and power because of carelessness and different circumstances there is a hard occupation for the client. The venture helps in computerizing this occupation. The venture proposes a water level sensor joined to a remote gadget at every place where the water must be checked. At the point when the engine is exchanged on the sensors are actuated and the fields are watered naturally. Once the water achieves a specific level which may even take hours, the system finds a way to control or even stop the water stream. 

The venture additionally houses a GSM modem where the client can without much of a stretch be told by any blame in the framework or if all fields are legitimately inundated or if there is no adequate water in the well. The same can be utilized to switch on the framework and off by just sending a SMS. The client can even timetable the time when the documented must be inundated and this even levels when the client neglects to turn on the field precisely at the required time. This helps in valuable sparing of water and power and facilitates the occupation of the individual. The venture can be utilized as a part of vast rural terrains, coconut ranches and numerous different manors and even in home environment or businesses and schools where there are substantial patio nurseries to screen and water them naturally.

Existing System
1. Checking water levels and giving water system offices is totally subject to man control.
2. Wastage of assets because of repetitive nature of occupation.

Proposed System
1. Completely robotized framework for trickle water system.

2. Ceaseless observing of various fields and control of a similar utilizing GSM and RF remote innovations.

Automatic  Irrigation System

Automatic  Irrigation System


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