Innovative ideas on Bidirectional Visitor Counter

Ordinarily we have to screen the individual/individuals going by some place like Seminar lobby, meeting room or shopping center or sanctuary. This venture can be utilized to tally and show the quantity of guests going into inside any meeting room or workshop lobby. This is a bidirectional counter which implies it works two direction. That implies counter will be augmented if individual goes into the room and will be decremented if a man leaves the room. LCD shows this esteem which is set outside the room.


This framework is useful for including the quantity of individuals an assembly room or corridors for class to stay away from clog. Besides it can likewise be utilized to check the quantity of individuals who have gone to an occasion or a historical center to watch a specific display. 

Microcontroller is a solid circuit that assumes control over the undertaking of tallying the quantity of people/guests in the room precisely. We will demonstrate bothe In check i.e. number of individuals going into the room and Out check i.e. number of individuals leaving the room on a 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD. An IR sensor is utilized to screen the individual going into and leaving the room.

The microcontroller does the above occupation. It gets the signs from the sensors, and this flag is worked under the control of programming which is put away in ROM. Microcontroller 89s52 constantly screen the Infrared Receivers. At the point when any protest go through the IR Receiver's then the IR Rays falling on the beneficiary are hindered, this hindrance is detected by the Microcontroller.

A counter that can alter its state in either course, under control of an up–down selector info, is known as an up–down counter. The circuit given here can check numbers from 0 to 9999 in here and there modes relying on the condition of the selector. It can be utilized to check the quantity of people entering a corridor in the up mode at passage door. In the down mode, it can tally the quantity of people leaving the corridor by decrementing the check at leave entryway. It can likewise be utilized at entryways of stopping regions and other open spots.

This circuit partitioned in three sections: sensor, controller and counter show. The sensor would watch an intrusion and give a contribution to the controller which would run the counter in up/down mode relying on the selector setting. A similar tally is shown on an arrangement of 7-fragment shows through the controller.


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