Child tracking System Using GPS

In an inexorably bustling world where by and large both guardians have all day occupations it turns out to be exceptionally hard to persistently guarantee that kids are protected. Likewise in urban ranges the kids need to go to different areas for various exercises like tutoring, educational costs, sports and so forth that is practically outlandish for a working guardian to monitor the youngsters. This venture proposes an answer for this issue. 

Child tracking System Using GPS

In this venture the youngsters are furnished with a GPS based gadget that can be made a piece of their lightweight thing like a school pack, or a belt or even a wrist watch like gadget. This gadget contains a GPS recipient, a remote correspondence option like RF or GSM furthermore an alert. The second part of the venture is a PC or a portable workstation with which the GPS based gadget can be customized and arranged. Once the gadget is modified with these sheltered zones, the length of the youngster is inside the safe are a nothing happens. 

However, once the kid leaves the sheltered range initial a caution is sounded in the GPS gadget itself to alarm the kid about the same. Likewise the alert advises the adjacent older folks that the youngster is leaving the protected zone. Henceforth on the off chance that anybody is deluding the youngster or attempting to seize the kid individuals around the zone will be cautioned about it. Indeed, even after the caution if the tyke for any reason leaves the protect region, then a message is sent to the guardians or watchmen who can then check why the kid life the safe range. 

Additionally since the gadget is GPS based it will ceaselessly continue giving the area of the kid once the youngster is far from the safe region. Subsequently this gadget can guarantee security of the tyke furthermore help the guardians to not be stressed about the tyke continuously. A similar gadget can be utilized with extremely old elderly individuals who tend to disregard streets and ways to monitor them.

Existing System
1. Starting now, the youngsters are checked by the parent and it is troublesome for working guardians to screen them.
2. It is hard to track them each time where they are.

Proposed System
1. In the proposed framework, an easy to understand GPS gadget is utilized to track the youngsters.
2. We can find the youngsters wherever they are utilizing the GPS beneficiary.
3. Once the tyke leaves the sheltered area initial an auction is sounded in the GPS gadget itself to alarm the tyke and the close-by individuals furthermore a message is sent to the guardians or watchmen.



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