Climbing robots are helpful when an errand requires the utilization of sweeping applications then again when it is anything but difficult to carry out certain assignments by people. These robots can be outfitted with video cameras, amplifiers, sensors and automated controllers to perform such assignments. We propose to build up another kind of shaft climbing robot component. The robot system needs to hold, rise or not too bad the post, begin video, stop video and so on.

pole climbing robot

The essential hypothesis which is utilized as a part of the post climbing robot is expounded the control arrangement of post climbing robot is outlined. 

Examination demonstrates that: The component has the qualities of smaller body, simple control, great move attributes, and is a promising utilization of post climbing robot structure. Our model has the ability to move over the posts and play out the coveted assignment easily. We have to plan a remote circuit which helps robot get on the shaft, can be controlled utilizing remote innovation like Infrared innovation.

In this venture we are utilizing another holding instrument for climbing the post. It is fueled by ground based supply. The H Bridge is utilized to control the heading of the engines utilized for climbing reason. Two exchanging clusters are utilized for controlling the robot. A standard camera is utilized to catch the video from shaft. The video is remotely transmitted to the ground station to show on the PC.

This venture utilizes managed control supply, 5V, 12V with 500ma current capability.7805 the three terminal controllers is utilized for voltage direction. 5v supply is required for the operation of the microcontroller. Connect rectifier is utilized for amendment the contribution for the rectifier is gotten from 230v. The information 230V is ventured down to 12V AC in our circuit.


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