Voice Based Robot Control Using Android

Characteristic catastrophes do happen and they are relentless. Be that as it may, people are turning out to be progressively mindful in the idea of astute safeguard operations in such catastrophes so that valuable life and material can be spared however catastrophes can't be halted. Still there are bunches of fiasco that happen the greater part of a sudden and Earthquake is one such thing. Quakes create a staggering impact and they see no distinction among human and material. 

Voice Based Robot Control Using Android

Thus a great deal of times people are covered among the flotsam and jetsam also, it get to be distinctly difficult to distinguish them. An auspicious save can just spare the general population who are covered also, injured. Recognition by save laborers gets to be tedious and because of the incomprehensible region that gets influenced it turns out to be more troublesome. So the venture proposes a self-ruling mechanical vehicle that moves in the seismic tremor inclined range and aides in recognizing the live individuals and save operations. 

This PIR sensor is set on a moving all bearing robot that can move in the quake inclined ranges. As live human body transmits warm radiation it is gotten and controlled by the PIR sensor to distinguish people. One the general population are found it quickly gives sound alarm visual cautions to the powers so can contact the live individual so quick. Promote the robot is connected with a Bluetooth modem which helps in the exchange of data between the client and the robot. It's fundamentally a bidirectional correspondence in which the robot is controlled by voice contribution from the client versatile and the robot can likewise answer or send message to the client. 

The venture points in the outline of Robotic Control utilizing an android gadget which can be worked from Control unit. All android gadgets and telephones, of course have a voice acknowledgment framework incorporated with them .Using this module upgrade data can be sent to the Control unit. Android based gadget like an advanced mobile phone can be utilized for this reason. Android is decided for the venture since it is turning into the default working framework for cell phones everywhere throughout the world.

Existing System
1. At this moment this voice acknowledgment framework is utilized just to make calls and other comparable ordinary telephone related

2. The System is sheltered notwithstanding for the client due to the utilization of mechanical technology and no manual work

Proposed System
1. A self-governing mechanical vehicle that moves in the tremor inclined region and aides in recognizing the live individuals and save operations.

2. Human recognition can be implied by sound ready and ready message can be transmitted to control room/powers


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