Raspberry pi controlled speaking bus stop reminder system

Transport courses go through various transport stops. Commonly transports change courses and new transport stop names should be arranged in framework. Many transport stops likewise change their names now and again or here and there new transport stops to are included into existing courses. So here we propose a talking transport stop marker framework utilizing raspberry pi. We utilize raspberry pi based circuit alongside rf beneficiary based circuit to be set in transports. Additionally we utilize a LCD show to show names of transport stops as they arrive. 

Raspberry pi

We utilize rf transmitter based circuits which will be put on transport stops. This framework does not require any transport stop name or course names to be put away in the transport framework. Every transport stop framework has a code and our beneficiary hardware can be nourished with and altered of existing transport stop names utilizing a usb console interface. Every transport stop framework always transmits a special transport stop code. At the point when the transport comes in scope of a transport stop the code is grabbed bu transport framework and it consequently bolsters it to controller. The controller procedure this data to discover the name of comparing transport stop and quickly changes over it to voice charge. It now talks the transport stop name utilizing a speaker to give a robotized raspberry pi based talking transport stop marker framework.

Password based door lock system

Security is a prime worry in our day-today life. Everybody needs to be however much securing as could reasonably be expected. A get to control for entryways shapes an essential connection in a security chain.

The micro controller based Door locker is a get to control framework that permits just approved people to get to a limited territory. The framework is completely controlled by the 8 bit micro controller AT89C2051 which has a 2Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. The secret key is put away in the EPROM with the goal that we can transform it whenever.

Password based door lock system using 8051 microcontroller

The framework has a Keypad by which the secret word can be entered through it. At the point when they entered secret word breaks even with the watchword put away in the memory then the transfer gets on thus that the entryway is opened. In the event that we entered a wrong secret key for more than three circumstances then the Alarm is exchanged on.


New innovations
Iontophoresis is a successful and easy technique for conveying prescription to a restricted tissue territory by applying electrical current to an answer of the medicine. The conveyed dosage relies on upon the present streaming and its duration. Iontophoresis is a perceived restorative technique for conveying ionic mixes, i.e. drugs, into and through the skin by applying electrical current.

Iontophoresis is utilized as a part of treatment, however is not select to this field, and there are applications in pharmaceutical, dentistry, lab sciences and physiology. A writing inquiry will rapidly recognize a great many references, however just a generally little extent of them will be specifically significant to treatment sort applications. There have been a few surveys throughout the years (see references toward the finish of this material) which will help those with an enthusiasm for following up on the key writing.

3- D IC's-New innovations

New innovations
Three-dimensional incorporated circuits (3-D ICs) offer huge changes more than two-dimensional circuits, and guarantee an answer for the serious issues that are being, and will be, experienced as solid process geometries are lessened to beneath 65 nm. A few strategies related with the manufacture of 3-D ICs are examined in this paper, and the procedures created by Tezzaron Semiconductor Corp., are portrayed in detail. Four fruitful 3-D ICs are portrayed, alongside the foreseen advantages of applying 3-D configuration to future framework on-chip (SoC) gadgets.

3 dimensional integrated circuits

The development of the coordinated circuit (IC) has started to moderate. Before, specialized troubles introduced genuine however surmountable obstructions; now, maybe, we are moving toward an area where material science denies littler door advances.Somewhere close to the 130-and 110-nm prepare hubs, the expanded postponement of the wires exceeds the expanded execution of littler transistors. Low-K dielectric wiring permits 90-nm execution to enhance marginally more than 130 nm, however ultra low K will, best case scenario, hold the line for 65-nm plans. Past 65 nm, the photo is horrid. 

Magnetic Amplifiers-New innovations

New innovations
Different diverse intensifiers are utilized for the enhancement of current and voltage in electronic gadgets. An attractive intensifier utilizes the guideline of transformers alongside the idea of attractive immersion of the center.

An attractive enhancer is a gadget utilized for controlling the stream of energy to a heap by method for soaking an attractive center. They are generally utilized as a part of late years for both high and low power applications.

Working of a Magnetic Amplifier
At the point when DC is connected to the second winding, which is known as the control winding, the center will immerse amid half of the AC cycle because of the extra polarization.

Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

Developing power request, the extension of renewable power and dynamic power matrix fitting face administrators of electric lattices with another test: Higher burdens, more disseminated era, and changing burden streams in the systems prompt to expanding flaw ebbs and flows in case of short circuits. This pattern will require significant spending for substitutions of transformers and switch gear in extended segments of the power dispersion framework where blame current levels debilitate to surpass the rating of working gear set up. 

Fault Current Limiter

The Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL) propelled  is an in a general sense new self-acting framework that shields network working hardware from harming current tops amid shortcomings occasions and circuit inputs. The SFCL can be conveyed to encourage network development and turn away in front of calendar overhauling. It likewise empowers cost-productive framework adjustment and enhancement.


New innovations
Biodiesel is a contrasting option to traditional diesel fuel produced using renewable assets, for example, non-palatable vegetable oils. The oil from seeds (e.g. Jatropha and Pongamia) can be changed over to a fuel ordinarily alluded to as "Biodiesel." No motor adjustments are required to utilize biodiesel set up of petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel can be blended with petroleum-based diesel in any extent. This intrigue depends on various properties of biodiesel including the way that it is created from a renewable local source, its biodegradability, and its capability to lessen fumes discharges. The environmental change is by and by a critical component of vitality utilize and improvement. 

Biodiesel is considered "atmosphere impartial" on the grounds that the greater part of the carbon dioxide discharged amid utilization had been sequestered out of the environment amid harvest development. The utilization of biodiesel brought about lower outflows of un burned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter. Biodiesel likewise expanded exhaust system productivity in lessening particulate discharges. Substance portrayal likewise uncovered lower levels of some poisonous and receptive hydrocarbon species when biodiesel fills were utilized. 


An autocollimator is an optical instrument that is utilized to gauge little points with high affectability. All things considered, the autocollimator has a wide assortment of utilization including exactness arrangement, discovery of rakish development, confirmation of edge guidelines, and precise observing over long stretches. The autocollimator ventures a light emission light. An outside reflector mirrors all or part of the pillar once again into the instrument where the bar is engaged and identified by a photo detector. The autocollimator measures the deviation between the radiated shaft and the reflected bar. Since the autocollimator utilizes light to quantify edges, it never comes into contact with the test surface.

Autocollimator working

Advanced Autocollimators
Advanced autocollimators utilize an electronic photo detector to identify the reflected bar. Miniaturized scale Radian autocollimators exploit the most recent locator innovation including propelled silicon-based photo detectors and germanium-based finders. The locator sends a flag which is digitized and handled utilizing restrictive DSP-based gadgets. The handling makes an aligned precise yield which is traceable to the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Magnetic refrigeration

One day we may have the capacity to make home fridges with no chemicals or modern coolants. The primary seek after this originates from a unique property of metal and an eccentricity of entropy. We as a whole played with magnets when we were kids. We'd get stick magnets on enormous bits of metal, or utilize them to get little bits of metal. While we were doing this, we were unintentionally warming those bits of metal up, and not on the grounds that we were holding them in our hot little hands. Attractive fields truly can make metals warm up—it's known as the magnetocaloric impact.

At the point when a bit of metal sits, alone and uninfluenced, its electrons turn any which way. At the point when a magnet draws close, and the metal falls affected by an attractive field, the electrons line up their turn so it's altogether in a similar course. That is lost entropy, or, took a gander at another way, it's an imperative set on the electron's free development. 


In this work, we have proposed a system that can accumulate the information related to nursery environment and yield status and control the framework consequently in perspective of the accumulated information. By throatily watching occasional conditions, this review has the explanation behind securing association between sensors banners and reference estimations. Control programming will give data finding of continuous show. Through long time running and utilitarian utilizing, the structure has been shown that it has various purposes of intrigue. 

To screen the earth inside nursery distinctive parameters have been viewed as, for example, light, temperature, mugginess, soil dampness and so on utilizing distinctive sensors like DHT22 temperature and dampness Sensor, LDR, forest - dampness sensor and so forth which will be interfaced with micro controller. It is a shut circle framework that will execute control activity to alter temperature, stickiness, light force and soil dampness if any unwanted mistakes (high/low) happen. A nursery is an incredibly sketched out residence structure working to give a more controllable environment to better gather era, trim security, item seeding and transplanting. 

Sensing Soil Moisture

This venture on "Programmed Irrigation System on Detecting Soil Moisture Content" is proposed to make an computerized water system instrument which turns the pumping engine ON and OFF on identifying the dampness substance of the earth. In the area of cultivating, use of fitting method for water system is huge. The advantage of utilizing these systems is to decline human impedance and still make certain fitting water system. This computerized water system extend brings into play an Arduino board ATmega328 small scale controller ,is modified to gather the input flag of alterable dampness conditions of the earth through dampness distinguishing framework.

Consistent expanding interest of nourishment requires the control in very specific nursery vegetable quick change in sustenance generation innovation. In a production furthermore, it is a straightforward, exact strategy for nation like India, where the economy is fundamentally in light of water system. It moreover helps in efficient, expulsion of human horticulture and the climatic conditions are isotropic, still blunder in altering accessible soil dampness levels and to we are not ready to make full utilization of rural assets. Amplify their net benefits. 

Line Following Robot Based Health Care Management System

This paper report portrays the procedures for breaking down, outlining, controlling and enhancing the human services administration framework. A line taking after robot conveying drug has been intended for giving the solution to the patient at whatever point they require it. A Line devotee robot is an electronic framework that can identify and take after the line drawn on the floor. By and large, the line is indicated a predefined way that can be either unmistakable like a dark line on a white surface with a high differentiated shading. 

Light needy resistor sensor has been joined with the robot whose resistance shifts with light power. At the point when the LDR gets most extreme measure of light at that point its resistance goes to its base esteem, in a perfect world zero and at the point when no light falling on the LDR then its resistance goes to its most extreme esteem, in a perfect world infinitive. A switch with IR sensor has been fitted close to the patient, which association has been made by the robot as well. In the event that the patient presses the switch then a banner piece set in the microcontroller, from which line taking after robot takes after the line and got came to close to the patient and give the pharmaceutical to the patient with the help of dc engine. 

Microcontroller Based Automated Water Level Sensing and Controlling

In this paper we present the idea of water level checking and administration inside the setting of electrical conductivity of the water. All the more particularly, we examine the microcontroller based water level detecting and controlling in a wired and remote environment. Water Level administration approach would help in diminishing the home control utilization furthermore, and in addition water flood. Moreover, it can show the measure of water in the tank that can bolster Global Water sorts including cell data loggers, satellite information transmission frameworks for remote water observing framework.

In addition, cell telephones with relative high calculation power and high caliber graphical UI got to be distinctly accessible as of late. From the clients viewpoint it is required to reuse such important asset in a versatile application. At last, we proposed a web and cell based observing administration convention would decide and detects water level internationally.


The primary point of the venture is to outline a framework for cautioning robbery and to auto captures the burglary in exhibition halls what's more, gem retailers. The motivation behind the framework is to plan a framework for cautioning robbery and to auto capture the burglary in exhibition halls and gem dealers. This framework helps the historical centers and gem dealer proprietors by giving them security. The proposition title "Burglary ALERT AND AUTO ARRESTING SYSTEM FOR MUSEUMS OR JEWELRY SHOPS" itself shows that at whatever point somebody needs to robbery the gem which is available in the shopping center then the burglary will be consequently captured with the assistance of some human identifying sensors and make the ways to close consequently. 

That implies the hoodlum is captured. This theory comprises of two areas. The transmitter segment comprises of a PIR sensor, an engine a miniaturized scale controller. One such thing is utilizing PIR sensor which is accustomed to recognizing the human movement.

Intelligent Fire Detection system

Idea 1
Fire mischances can happen more in territories like houses, businesses, Movie theaters, shopping centers, doctor's facilities, and so on., which will prompt to more misfortune in life alongside properties. For the most part sitting tight for a fire motor to stifle fire, might be deferred which may expand the possibility of misfortune in life. There are such a variety of preventive instruments have been created to forestall/decrease the fire mischances to some degree. Yet, constantly programmed arrangement conveys more precision to shield lives from flame mishaps.

In this venture, a programmed fire discovery and quench arrangement is actualized by utilizing Embedded frameworks and sensor innovation. This programmed arrangement will react in time, when fire is identified and will spare many lives by sprinkling the water on the fire. A smoke sensor is utilized to distinguish the fire happened in the room and it will close to the control circuit by means of electrical signs. Presently the control circuit will consequently drive the engine in the sprinkler and sprinkle the water on the fire. For the most part this control circuit utilizes simple to computerized converter to change over the simple yield from the sensor into advanced, handled and afterward at last drive the sprinkler framework.

Tsunami early warning systems

This venture shows a mechanized framework which is utilized for wave event recognition and gives a caution to the range in instant message shape. The venture will make a notice framework which will avert death toll and property. In this venture the event of Tsunami can be anticipated in remote way. In this manner early discovery of Tsunami allows us to take preventive measures so that death toll and property can be decreased. Microcontroller faculties the contribution from sensors and sends the notice to the beneficiary utilizing Zigbee module. The recipient end likewise comprises of a microcontroller associated with Zigbee. This microcontroller after getting cautioning message from the transmitter will communicate Tsunami alarm to the populace in harbor region by means of content notice utilizing GSM.

Extend depiction
This venture is outlined with Microcontroller, Sensors, GSM and ZIGBEE module. The venture has got transmitter area and recipient segment. The transmitter segment is put on water bed that will detect weight variety in the sea. The piezoelectric weight sensor utilized is piezoelectric circle sensor that sense weight.

Vehicle number plate recognition

Programmed number plate acknowledgment (ANPR) is a picture handling innovation which utilizes number (permit) plate to recognize the vehicle. The goal is to outline a proficient programmed approved vehicle distinguishing proof framework by utilizing the vehicle number plate. The framework is actualized on the passageway for security control of an exceptionally confined range like military zones or territory around top government workplaces e.g. Parliament, Supreme Court and so on. The created framework first recognizes the vehicle and after that catches the vehicle picture. 

Vehicle number plate locale is separated utilizing the picture division in a picture. Optical character acknowledgment strategy is utilized for the character acknowledgment. The subsequent information is then used to contrast and the records on a database in order to think of the particular data like the vehicles proprietor, place of enlistment, address, and so on. The framework is actualized and reproduced in Matlab, and it execution is tried on genuine picture. It is seen from the trial that the created framework effectively distinguishes and perceive the vehicle number plate on genuine pictures.


In the healing centers, any significant operation is played out; the patient must be in anesthetizing condition. On the off chance that the operation goes on for quite a while, say for assume for 4 or 5 hours, anesthesia can't be give in a solitary stroke to the patient. Over dose may bring about a basic condition for the patient's towards passing. In the event that lower measure of anesthesia is to the patient, they may wake up at the center of the operation. Defeat this issue, the anesthetist directs couple of milliliters of anesthesia every hour to the patient in a specific era. 

In the event that the anesthetist neglects to control the anesthesia to the patient at the specific time interim. Defeat this issues the outline of a programmed operation of an anesthesia machine in light of a chip is successful. In this framework a keypad is given along the Microprocessor and syringe imbuement pump. 

Body movement recognition and alerting system based on Flex sensor

In this venture body development acknowledgment framework in light of the Non-vision over the Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network. Presently a day's dependably (day and evening) vision based trance state, loss of motion patient's stance data can be accumulated troublesome. Along these lines, By utilizing this venture Non vision based distinctive wearable sort sensors (flex, 3-pivot accelerometer, heart beat) masterminded on patient body for getting the stances data naturally and dependably showed on pc by utilizing Zigbee-WSN innovation. 

Specialists utilizing this data give better treatment to the patient. These sensors orchestrated at clients hand, leg, body, head to such an extent that the stance data can be accumulated by them. Also, under our gave ZigBee-WSN framework little size, low-control utilization, and high-unwavering quality attributes, the information controlling focus can at the same time tele - screen the continuous body intuitive stances of people.

Advanced BMI Calculator with under and over weight alerts

Body Mass Index (BMI) can roughly ascertain the aggregate fats of the individual present in the body. It depends on the two factors, for example, the tallness and the heaviness of the individual. The most widely recognized method for calculating it is by partitioning ones'mass in kilograms or pounds by the square of the stature in meters or inches. Introduce BMI mini-computers depend on the BMI-for-age diagram that contains the stature, the weight, and the age sections in deciding the rough BMI esteem and its grouping.

BMI Calculator

As innovation rises, online BMI mini-computers got to be distinctly accessible through the web. This requires the stature and the heaviness of the client, and some requests age and sexual orientation as well. In the wake of topping off the information required, simply tap the compute catch and afterward the BMI will be resolved. To discover the BMI order (underweight, typical, overweight and corpulent), there is a reference graph wherein the scope of the assigned class will be based. As a result of this, manual estimation can now be killed.

Wireless Control of Smartphones with Tongue Motion Using Tongue Drive Assistive Technology

Tongue Drive System (TDS) is a noninvasive, remote and wearable assistive innovation that people groups with serious handicaps control their surroundings utilizing their tongue movement. TDS makes an interpretation of particular tongue motions to charges by identifying a little perpetual attractive tracer on the clients' tongue. We have connected the TDS to a cell phone (iPhone/iPod Touch) with a redid remote module, added to the iPhone. We likewise relocated and ran the TDS sensor flag preparing calculation and graphical UI on the iPhone progressively. 

Tongue Drive Assistive Technology

The TDS-iPhone interface was assessed by four capable subjects for dialing 10-digit telephone numbers utilizing the standard phone keypad and three strategies for provoking the numbers: visual, sound-related, and psychological. Preparatory outcomes demonstrated that the interface worked dependably at a rate of 15.4 digits for every moment, all things considered, with unimportant mistakes.

Automatic brake failure indicator

The slowing mechanism of an auto is without a doubt one of its more essential components. The point of this work is to make a superior stopping mechanism with marker. Brake disappointment happens simply because of exhausted of brake shoe and cut in liner. It comprises of two sensors. One sensor is associated with the brake shoe. The other sensor is the brake liner. The flag from the two sensors is given to a microcontroller. At the point when the brake shoe is exhausted, the sensor detects flag to the microcontroller. 

Likewise if the brake liner is cut, the sensor sends flag to the microcontroller. The microcontroller examinations the flag and works the relating marker. It nothing incorrectly, the vehicle will move and if any one basic, the vehicle will stops and the screen demonstrates the sign of brake disappointment. Since this shows the status of the brake, the client can distinguish the state of the brake and accordingly restricting the odds of breakdown.

Speed control of dc motor using fuzzy logic

In this paper we have outlined a DC engine whose speed can be controlled utilizing PID controller. The corresponding, necessary and derivate (KP, KI, KD) increases of the PID controller are balanced by FUZZY LOGIC. To start with, the fluffy rationale controller is composed by fluffy decides so that the frameworks are generally vigorous. There are 25 fluffy principles for self-tuning of every parameter of PID controller. The FLC has two information sources. One is the engine speed blunder between the reference and real speed and the second is change in speed mistake (speed blunder derivative).Secondly, the yield of the FLC i.e. the parameters of PID controller are utilized to control the speed of the DC Motor. 

The review demonstrates that both exact characters of PID controllers and adaptable characters of fluffy controller are available in fluffy selftuning PID controller. The fluffy self-tuning approach executed on a customary PID structure could enhance the dynamic and also the static reaction of the framework. 

Electronic Pills

One of the principle difficulties is recently figuring out what is really occurring in digestive system and stomach .After the time of venture and advancements, remote electronic gadget that can be gulped are currently achieving the market. These cases (electronic pills) contains a sensor and a little camera that gathers the data as they go through gastrointestinal tract before discharging from the body inside 2 or 3 days.

These new electronic developments transmit data, for example, sharpness, weight and temperature levels or pictures of the throat and digestive system to your PC for examination.Electronic pills are utilized to quantify the simplicity of entry and data of those elements that were inaccessible previously.

Transparent Smartphones

In the event that you have to inquire as to why you would require a straightforward cell phone, you most likely don't generally require one. All things considered, in addition to the fact that it would be elusive, especially if straightforward when shut down, however others could without much of a stretch see precisely what you are really going after. It is just when you make a stride back that you understand that the condition of being non-straightforward, or dark, is the weaker condition. 

In the event that by nature you have straightforwardness, mistiness can be simply one more choice under a menu, while the opposite is obviously not genuine. The genuine power once you have it, is not quite recently that you get haziness for nothing, it is that you get everything else in the middle. A model gadget being created by Polytron Technologies from Taiwan, presented above, demonstrates a portion of the difficulties to making the straightforward cell phone a reality.

Dam Operation Based On Water Level

Good Research topics-Dam Operation Based On Water Level
We here propose a programmed Dam Operation Based On Water Level and controller framework. Our proposed extend utilizes sensors to detect the dam water level and after that opens the dam entryway (engine used to exhibit as dam door) as indicated by the water level. Our framework utilizes various water level sensors (drift sensors) for this reasons. The sensors are mounted at three unique levels keeping in mind the end goal to check water level and give flags likewise. 

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At the point when water achieves first sensor it is detected by it and showed. At the point when water achieves second sensor it gives a flag to the smaller scale controller and it opens the dam entryway incompletely. When the water level achieves the third sensor, it flags the miniaturized scale controller and the small scale controller then flags the engine to run, which is shown as opening the dam door completely. Along these lines our proposed framework takes into consideration programmed dam entryway opening in light of water level detecting.

Coin Based Water Dispenser System

Coin Based Water filler System venture is produced for the clients to utilize coin worked mineral water framework. It comprises of a Coin box, coin sensor, water sensor, Micro-controller unit, Mineral water tank, pump engine and so on. The client can utilize Mineral water by embedding coins in the coin box. A coin sensor is associated in the coin box. As per the coin dropped in the coin box, the sensor sends flag to the small scale controller unit. 

Water Dispenser System

The miniaturized scale controller examinations the quantity of coins dropped in the coin box and appropriately it works the pump engine. The pump engine conveys the mineral water from the tank as per the legitimacy of the coin. In the event that the water in the water tank achieves least level, the miniaturized scale controller works a signal. In this way the tank can be filled promptly. The Micro-controller projects are composed in low level computing construct. The smaller scale controller utilized is AT-MEGA 328. This will be exceptionally helpful in ventures, houses, foundations and so forth.

Solar Mobile Charger

Vedic literary works in India even express the utilization of flying machines which were fueled utilizing the sun. Coming 21st century, we have made considerable progress in creating sun oriented cells which are the gadgets driving our future, changing over sun's vitality into power. This work is about utilizing non routine vitality i.e. sun oriented vitality for versatile battery charging. Sun powered chargers are straightforward, compact and prepared to utilize gadgets which can be utilized by anybody particularly in remote zones. Sun based boards don't supply directed voltage while batteries require so to charge. Consequently, an outside movable voltage controller is utilized to have the sought steady voltage.

Mobile Charger

In spite of the fact that the years, innovation has permitted the mobile phone to contract the measure of the ICs, as well as the batteries. Nonetheless, as innovation has progressed and made our telephone littler and less demanding to utilize regardless we have one of the first issue that we should connect the telephones to the dividers with a specific end goal to revive the battery. 

Movement sensed automatic door opening system

In this exploration work, an Automatic sliding entryway System utilizing an infrared sensor was produced. It utilizes a sensor, a control unit and drive unit to open and close entryways at the passage of an open building. The essential point of this exploration work is to learn in insights about how the programmed entryway framework functions and to comprehend the ideas included. The auxiliary point is to manufacture a basic circuit model to show how the framework functions. The principle exercises required in this work are the exploration done on how the programmed entryway functions, drawing a point by point circuit and then manufacturing a basic model.

automatic door opening

Sliding entryway is a sort of entryway which opens on a level plane by sliding, whereby the entryway is either mounted on or suspended from a track. Sorts of sliding entryways incorporate pocket entryways, Arcadia entryways, and sidestep entryways. Sliding entryways are generally shower entryways, glass entryways, screen entryways, closet and the framework should likewise be possible and executed in the working of school, lobby, theater, banks, shopping centers, different departmental structures and they can be to a great degree helpful in a wide assortment of situations. 

Foot step power generation

In this stride control era venture is intended to change over stride, strolling and running vitality into electrical vitality. It is utilized to produce power from by strolling or running on stride. The request of electrical vitality is expanding step by step. However, control era routine assets are presently insufficient for aggregate request of electrical vitality. Accordingly numerous analysts and designers are chipping away at non traditional methods for electrical power era. Stride control era framework is likewise a non routine electrical vitality creation framework. 

Foot step power generation project

It changes over mechanical vitality of strides into electrical vitality by utilizing transducers. This power era framework can turn out to be exceptionally prevalent among populated nations like Pakistan, china, India. It can be actualized on streets, transport stations and numerous open spots. Despite the fact that this framework is tad bit costly, yet it can have an immense effect in electrical power era of nation.

Interactive voice response system for colleges

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System serves as an extension amongst individuals and PC databases by interfacing the phone connect with the database. The phone client can get to the data from anyplace at whenever essentially by dialing a predefined number and taking after an on-line direction when an association has been built up. The IVR framework utilizes pre-recorded or PC created voice reactions to give data because of a contribution from a phone guest. 


The information might be given by method for touch-tone or Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) flag, which is created when a guest presses a key of his/her phone set, and the arrangement of messages to be played is resolved powerfully as indicated by an inside menu structure (kept up inside the IVR application program) and the client input. The IVRS framework which will be planned will give a perfect stage to the operation of new companies and existing little concerns. It will be a profoundly temperate and effective approach to supplant the Dialog card which is exorbitant and requires a high upkeep and customary up degree. The IVRS framework which will be composed will comprise of straightforward parts like microcontroller and some essential application chips interfaced to a PC which will have little programming running in the back end while alternate employments are performed toward the front.

Intelligent Ambulance Traffic Assistance System

With the expansion in movement street thickness, a few causalities happen because of deferral in taking a patient to the healing facility in a rescue vehicle. In this paper, we have built up a calculation to locate the most brief way to achieve the required goal. As required the product will recognize the present area of the vehicle and approach the client for the goal. At that point it will demonstrate all the accessible ways, highlighting the briefest one or in a few cases the most ideal one. 


Encourage we made the activity signals computerized for exceptional vehicles like an emergency vehicle or a fire-motor to such an extent that the signs will practice environmental awareness for the rescue vehicle as it comes in the region of the movement flag, in this manner giving them a reasonable way to achieve its goal. The first flag is reestablished when the emergency vehicle goes undetected by the Bluetooth scanner of the activity flag.


An electrical switch is a naturally worked electrical change intended to shield an electrical circuit from harm brought about by over-burden or short out. Its essential capacity is to recognize a blame condition and intrude on current stream. Not at all like a wire, which works once and after that must be supplanted, an electrical switch can be reset (either physically or naturally) to resume typical operation. 


At the point when worked physically we see deadly electrical mishaps to the line man are expanding amid the electric line repair because of the absence of correspondence and coordination between the upkeep staff and the electric substation staff. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from such mischances, the breaker can be so composed to such an extent that lone approved individual can work it with a secret key. Here, there is likewise an arrangement of changing the secret key. 

Density Based Traffic Signal System

The venture is intended to build up a thickness based element activity flag framework. The flag timing changes consequently on detecting the movement thickness at the intersection. Activity blockage is a serious issue in many significant urban areas over the world and it has turned into a bad dream for the suburbanites in these urban areas. Routine activity light framework depends on settled time idea distributed to every side of the intersection which can't be changed according to shifting movement thickness.

Traffic Signal System

Intersection timings dispensed are settled. Once in a while higher movement thickness at one side of the intersection requests longer green time when contrasted with standard assigned time. The picture caught in the movement flag is handled and changed over into gray scale picture then its edge is computed in view of which the form has been attracted request to ascertain the quantity of vehicles present in the picture. In the wake of figuring the quantity of vehicles we will came to know in which side the thickness is high in light of which signs will be apportioned for a specific side. Raspberry pi is utilized as a micro controller which gives the flag timing in view of the movement thickness.

PC based Electrical Load Control

Automation in mechanical, business or private divisions for the most part relies on the power frameworks, which requires inaccessible controlling and checking. By utilizing remote advances, it is more productive to actualize a proper innovation relying on the cost, speed and separation necessities of the proposed framework. For remote controlling and observing of different burdens/apparatuses and a method for proficient power use through constant power utilization with the assistance of a PC-based GUI application. 

Electrical Load Control

The headway of innovation things are getting to be distinctly less complex and simpler for us. Computerized frameworks have more favorable circumstances over manual framework. PC based control frameworks are exceedingly solid, exact and efficient frameworks. They give number of elements like brisk information stockpiling, exchange information and information securities. A PIC controller based controller is intended to control various electrical gear. To control and screen associated hardware through the PC.