AVITC is an Automatic Vehicle Identification and Toll Collection utilized for gathering toll imposes naturally. This paper concentrates on an Electron ic Toll Collection (ETC) framework utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) innovation. In this framework we do recognizable proof of vehicle with the assistance of radio recurrence. Every vehicle will hold a RFID tag or card. 


This card is only one of a kind identification particle number doled out. This will be doled out by RTO or movement administering power. As per this number we will store all essential data and in addition sum he has paid ahead of time for the TOLL PLAZA. The expense sum will be deducted from his prepaid adjust. As vehicle doesn't need to stop in the line, it guarantees efficient, fuel protection furthermore contributing in sparing of cash. Considering the present toll collection framework where every vehicle needs to stop and pay charges. 

Assume the manual toll accumulation framework is extremely effective then for one vehicle to stop and pay charges add up to time taken is 60 seconds. Furthermore, assume 100 vehicles cross the toll court. At that point, time taken by one vehicle with 60 second normal stop in a month is : 60x30= 1800 seconds. Yearly aggregate time taken = 1800x12= 216200 seconds = 6.0 hours. All things considered every vehicle that goes through the toll square needs to hold up 6.0 hours in motor begins condition yearly. The figure is stunning if on a normal we take 100 vehicles go through the toll square every day, then yearly 36000 vehicles go through the toll square. What's more, every year 36000 vehicles simply stop for 6.0 hours in motor begin condition accordingly supporting contamination and squandering fuel and cash. 

This study is if the framework is extremely productive yet imagine a scenario where the vehicle. needs to sit tight for 5 minutes? This is a figure thinking of one as toll court. On the off chance that considering 50 toll frameworks the above figure will radically increase and the wastage of fuel, cash will increment and contamination will likewise increment. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is an innovation empowering the electronic gathering of toll installments. It has been contemplated by specialists and connected in different parkways, badges, and passage requiring such a procedure. Look into on ETC has been around since 1992, amid which RFID labels started to be broadly utilized as a part of vehicles to computerize toll forms. 

This framework is fit for figuring out whether the auto is enlisted or not, and then advising the powers of toll installment infringement, charges and taking part accounts. The most clear favorable position of this innovation is the chance to kill blockage in tollbooths, particularly amid merry seasons when movement tends to be heavier than ordinary. It is additionally a technique by which to control protestations from driver with respect to the burdens required in manual making installments at the tollbooths. Other than this conspicuous favorable position, applying ETC could likewise profit the toll administrators.


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