Engineering Projects Ideas on railway track security system

Idea 1
In this project the vibration sensing element is placed on the track. It's fancied with peizo electrical plate. It converts the mechanical vibration in to electrical signal. The vibration sensing element output is given to electronic equipment so as to amplify that electrical signal. At that point the amplified signal is given to microcontroller. Furthermore, that they have transmitter and receiver each square measure connected with cables. 

Engineering Projects Ideas

These square measure closely connected with track, if the track is cut, this cable also will cut. In actual time they need this vibration sensing element, transmitter and receiver in track for each two hundred meters. On the other hand they will extend this distance victimization amplifiers. Once the train comes on the track, the vibration sensing element detects the train's vibration and sends a coffee pulse to the microcontroller.

At whatever point the controller detects a coffee pulse from sensing element, it'll send a checking data to receiver from the transmitter. On the off chance that the receiver gets the signal while not loss means that, the receiver send a high pulse to controller then it establish the track is beautiful. On the off chance that the receiver did not get the signal means that the controller can sends a warning sms to the receiver mobile, that is in train, through the transmitter mobile, that is interfaced with microcontroller. 

The rs232 is employed for communicate the controller and mobile. In this manner the accident is avoided. Once the staff square measure reaching to work on the track means that they're going to press key, that is interfaced with microcontroller. At that point the controller can send an alert sms to the receiver mobile. Prior to this they have to program the microcontroller for this application.

Idea 2
The venture is intended to recognize a split, assuming any, on the railroad track and caution the individual railroad office. This is to keep away from rail mishaps by utilizing most recent correspondence advancements. In this venture gsm correspondence conventions are utilized to pass on the message of break identification through sms.

This venture utilizes a microcontroller from 8051 family. The essential target of this venture is to recognize the break in the railroad track and caution the close-by station through successful and very solid correspondence mode. To exhibit this venture, two rails framing the part of a track are made utilizing a couple of wire which is associated with a separable jumper in the middle of every wire/track. Expelling the separable jumper makes a blame in the separate track; else it is by and large shorted by the jumper wire to recreate solid track condition.

Evacuating the jumpers bring about driving transistors conveying an alternate rationale to the controller. The program from that point assumes control to send a sms through gsm modem interfaced through a level shifter ic to the microcontroller. A lcd is additionally interfaced to the mc to show the status of gsm and track condition. Hence the proposed model is intended to perceive the breaks in the railroad tracks and gives moment data to the concerned railroad powers.

The power supply comprises of a stage down transformer 230/12v, which ventures down the voltage to 12v ac. This is changed over to dc utilizing a bridge rectifier. The swells are expelled utilizing a capacitive channel and it is then directed to +5v utilizing a voltage controller 7805 which is required for the operation of the microcontroller and different segments.


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