Industrial Controller System Based on SMS

A venture which is created to control the procedure in the business and to check the status of the every procedure the proposed extend i.e. SMS Controlled Industrial Controller is created. Here we executed this venture utilizing the LAB VIEW. Utilizing this venture we can screen any number of process parameters in the business. In the current framework it is exceptionally troublesome for the client to screen all the procedure in the business since he must be available constantly and keep up framework physically. On the off chance that client is not present, whole framework will get harmed. To fathom every one of these downsides and detriments of existing framework proposed, new framework is created. The equipment prerequisites of the procedure are satisfied by the equipment unit of this framework.

lab view

The framework will communicate something specific when to client when there is any deviation in the process station of this venture by utilizing the LAB VIEW programming. We need to set impediment esteem for parameters which we are checking process in the framework. The administrator will get the relating message about deviation in the process when parameter's esteem surpasses its given range.

In the proposed framework, by utilizing the LAB VIEW programming we can gauge parameters like temperature, voltage, speed, present, level, weight and so on. The LPT terminal is utilized to interface equipment unit with the proposed framework. We have to set the fitting register qualities to the parallel port, which we are empowering in the framework. In this program, execution of information acquisitions from various channels should be possible by utilizing ADC design, regarding the time client can plot charts for these qualities.

The correspondence between the administrator and Pc is done through sending message between each other. The PC that is having the equipment interface unit which is associated with a portable will send message to the administrator's versatile if the parameter esteem leaves its range in the framework. The framework may get harmed if parameter esteem surpasses its restrictions.

The accompanying settings need to make to empower PC to send message to alternate clients of the framework:

1.       By utilizing VISA card, we need to build up serial correspondence.

2.       Once serial correspondence mode is set, we have to enter the other client's telephone number and the message that must be sent to him. On the off chance that there is any deviation in the parameter esteem framework will shows it.

3.       We can get information by utilizing DIGITAL OUTPUT setup. By setting a ringer which will get ON naturally and alarms client when they obtained information left its confinement in this framework. We need to set the information as 1 or 0 to ON and OFF the bell unit for sign reason.

4.       DAC design is utilized to quantify and control the Speed parameter. The parallel port is utilized to make association between PC with the equipment unit of the proposed framework and by getting to the serial port the PC will get associated with the versatile for sending message to the administrator and different clients.

5.       The information contribution to framework can be tallied utilizing DIGITAL INPUT setup, which tallies the quantity of heartbeats for at regular intervals and after that proselytes it into rpm. At that point by utilizing DAC setup we can contrast the present speed and the set speed and information yield. LPT terminal is utilized to screen the speed esteem in the PC. The PC will send message to the administrator if the parameter esteem crosses its range.


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