Line Following Robot Based Health Care Management System

This paper report portrays the procedures for breaking down, outlining, controlling and enhancing the human services administration framework. A line taking after robot conveying drug has been intended for giving the solution to the patient at whatever point they require it. A Line devotee robot is an electronic framework that can identify and take after the line drawn on the floor. By and large, the line is indicated a predefined way that can be either unmistakable like a dark line on a white surface with a high differentiated shading. 

Light needy resistor sensor has been joined with the robot whose resistance shifts with light power. At the point when the LDR gets most extreme measure of light at that point its resistance goes to its base esteem, in a perfect world zero and at the point when no light falling on the LDR then its resistance goes to its most extreme esteem, in a perfect world infinitive. A switch with IR sensor has been fitted close to the patient, which association has been made by the robot as well. In the event that the patient presses the switch then a banner piece set in the microcontroller, from which line taking after robot takes after the line and got came to close to the patient and give the pharmaceutical to the patient with the help of dc engine. 

A vicinity sensor additionally has been appended with the robot so that robot can identify any snag on their ways and can alert. The capacity to get somebody all day and all night is the best thing that this framework can do. This innovation centered on the conveyance of protected, opportune, productive, viable, persistent focused and fair human services.


A well being are framework is characterized as the association of the individuals, assets and the organization to give the social insurance administrations to the individual or populace. The objective of human services administration framework is to give great well being. For keeping up the well being distinctive association, organizations, philanthropies, religious and the legislature are arranging around the world. This human services framework likewise incorporates the doctor's facilities, medicinal services establishment or centers either these are worked by government, private for benefit organization and additionally private not revenue driven associations. 

All around the world, numerous patients endures as a result of to pay therapeutic experts taken by the medicinal services framework. This well being mind framework incorporates the medicinal services staff faculty that are specialists, nurture, security watchmen, sweepers and some more. The charge for the therapeutic professionals relies on upon the administration, medication, capitation and the compensation of the work force. What's more, additionally it is extremely hard to constant monitoring of the patients. That line taking after robot based health mind administration framework can be exceptionally effective to persistent checking to the patients, at whatever point they require any help or prescription. 

For constant observing of the patients, well being mind framework needs numerous staff. From which the charge for the restorative specialist will climb. That robot based well being mind administration framework can decrease the charge for the patients so they can without much of a stretch pay that measure of cash .The cost of human services significantly relies on the costly apparatus, land and constructing and round the clock staff to keep up and utilize that apparatus. In a nation like India where the populace is humongous and assets are rare. It turns out to be truly hard to set up such a capital broad extend at every single area with accessibility of gifted staff. 


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