Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

Thought 1
The venture is intended to build up an automated vehicle that can detect metals in front of it on its way like detecting area mines. The robot is controlled by a remote android application. Remote operation is accomplished by any advanced cell/Tablet and so on., with Android OS, upon a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based touch screen operation. It comprises of a metal indicator circuit interfaced to the control unit that cautions the client behind it about a presumed arrive mine ahead. A 8051 arrangement of microcontroller is utilized for the sought operation.

At the transmitting end utilizing android application, orders are sent to the collector to control the development of the robot either to push ahead, in reverse and left or right and so forth. At the less than desirable end two engines are interfaced to the microcontroller where they are utilized for the development of the vehicle. 

The android application gadget transmitter goes about as a remote control. While the beneficiary end Bluetooth gadget is encouraged to the microcontroller to drive DC engines through engine driver IC for important work. A metal finder circuit is mounted on the robot body and its operation is done naturally on detecting any metal underneath. When the robot detects this metal it creates an alert sound. This is to caution the administrator of a conceivable metal (eg: arrive mine) ahead on its way.

Thought 2
The motivation behind this venture is to outline a robot, which is skilled of detecting concealed land mines whose development is done by RF remote innovation.

The proposed framework comprises of two squares, for example, transmitter and collector piece; both use a microcontroller of 8051 family and a battery for power source. This venture comprises of a metal indicator circuit for detecting metals show in land mines.

A RF transmitter module is associated with the transmitter unit with the assistance of an encoder gadget. The push catches are associated with the microcontroller as information switches. The charges are sent by the push catches to achieve the beneficiary to control the development of the robot either in forward, backward left or right bearings.

A RF beneficiary is associated with the collector end with help of a decoder gadget. The two engines are interfaced to the microcontroller through an engine driver IC wherein they are utilized to run or change the bearings of the automated vehicle.

The robot is controlled by a RF remote where in the summons are sent by the transmitter –and, in light of these charges –the receiver controls the bearings of the robot.A metal locator circuit is mounted on the robot's body with the end goal that when the robot proceeding onward the surface experiencing any metallic protest ,delivers a beep sound, showing the mine distinguished.

The venture future can be improved by mounting a remote camera on the robot so that the administrator can control the development of the robot remotely by watching it on a screen.


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