An electrical switch is a naturally worked electrical change intended to shield an electrical circuit from harm brought about by over-burden or short out. Its essential capacity is to recognize a blame condition and intrude on current stream. Not at all like a wire, which works once and after that must be supplanted, an electrical switch can be reset (either physically or naturally) to resume typical operation. 


At the point when worked physically we see deadly electrical mishaps to the line man are expanding amid the electric line repair because of the absence of correspondence and coordination between the upkeep staff and the electric substation staff. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from such mischances, the breaker can be so composed to such an extent that lone approved individual can work it with a secret key. Here, there is likewise an arrangement of changing the secret key. 

The framework is completely controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller of 8051 family. The secret key is put away in an EEPROM, interfaced to the microcontroller and the watchword can be changed at whatever time not at all like a settled one blazed for all time on to the microcontroller. A keypad is utilized to enter the secret key and a transfer to open or close electrical switch, which is shown by a light. Any wrong endeavor to open the breker (by entering the wrong secret key) a ready will be impelled, shown by another light.

These days, electrical mischances to the line man are expanding, while repairing the electrical lines because of the absence of correspondence between the electrical substation and support staff. This venture gives an answer for this issue to guarantee line man well being. In this proposed framework the control (ON/OFF) of the electrical lines lies with line man. This venture is orchestrated in a manner that upkeep staff or line man needs to enter the watchword to ON/OFF the electrical line. Presently if there is any blame in electrical line then line man will turn off the power supply to the line by entering secret key and easily repair the electrical line, and in the wake of going to the substation line man switch on the supply to the specific line by entering the watchword.

For the operation of electrical switch through a secret word, program is composed in keil programming and made into a .hex record that is further scorched onto the controller with the assistance of blaze enchantment. Associations are given according to the circuit outline. While giving the associations, it ought to be ensured that there is no basic association amongst AC and DC supplies. 5V control supply circuit is to be utilized to give directed 5V DC to the controller. 

Presently both the AC and DC supplies are exchanged on. Transfer yield pins gets 230V, so they ought not be touched. LCD shows "enter secret word". Enter the secret key with the assistance of keypad, you can see "*" for every digit. Presently if the watchword is right then the electrical switch state changes and shows status line on the LCD screen. In the event that the secret key isn't right then it shows "get to denied". Since this is a client alterable one, to change the secret word tap on '*', '#'. It will show 'enter watchword'. Here the circuit is given an ace code that is utilized to get to the circuit by anybody. For changing the secret key, this ace code is to be entered. At that point in the wake of entering the ace code, LCD shows, 'new secret key'. Presently any secret key of will can be entered. After that it shows 'affirm watchword' i.e., the new entered secret word will be put away and the individual can change the status of electrical switch just by this new secret key.

This proposed framework gives an answer, which can guarantee the security of the upkeep staff e.g. line man. The control to kill ON/the line lies with the line man as it were. This framework has a course of action to such an extent that a secret key is required to work the electrical switch (ON/OFF). Line man can kill the supply and serenely repair it, and come back to the substation, then turn on hold by entering the right secret key. Since it has the arrangement of changing the secret key, individual can give any watchword of his will and have his work done more secure.


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