Raspberry pi controlled speaking bus stop reminder system

Transport courses go through various transport stops. Commonly transports change courses and new transport stop names should be arranged in framework. Many transport stops likewise change their names now and again or here and there new transport stops to are included into existing courses. So here we propose a talking transport stop marker framework utilizing raspberry pi. We utilize raspberry pi based circuit alongside rf beneficiary based circuit to be set in transports. Additionally we utilize a LCD show to show names of transport stops as they arrive. 

Raspberry pi

We utilize rf transmitter based circuits which will be put on transport stops. This framework does not require any transport stop name or course names to be put away in the transport framework. Every transport stop framework has a code and our beneficiary hardware can be nourished with and altered of existing transport stop names utilizing a usb console interface. Every transport stop framework always transmits a special transport stop code. At the point when the transport comes in scope of a transport stop the code is grabbed bu transport framework and it consequently bolsters it to controller. The controller procedure this data to discover the name of comparing transport stop and quickly changes over it to voice charge. It now talks the transport stop name utilizing a speaker to give a robotized raspberry pi based talking transport stop marker framework.

Raspberry Pi Technology
The raspberry pi comes in two models, they are show An and display B. The primary distinction between model An and show B is USB port. Demonstrate A board will expend less power and that does exclude an Ethernet port. Be that as it may, the model B board incorporates an Ethernet port and outlined in china. The raspberry pi accompanies an arrangement of open source innovations, i.e. correspondence and sight and sound web technologies.In the year 2014, the establishment of the raspberry pi board propelled the PC module, that bundles a model B raspberry pi board into module for use as a piece of installed frameworks, to energize their utilization.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Specifications
The raspberry pi board contains a program memory (RAM), processor and illustrations chip, CPU, GPU, Ethernet port, GPIO pins, Xbee attachment, UART, control source connector. What's more, different interfaces for other outside gadgets. It additionally requires mass stockpiling, for that we utilize a SD streak memory card. So that raspberry pi board will boot from this SD card also as a PC boots up into windows from its hard plate.

Basic equipment details of raspberry pi board predominantly incorporate SD card containing Linux OS, US console, screen, control supply and video link. Discretionary equipment particulars incorporate USB mouse, fueled USB center point, case, web association, the Model An or B: USB WiFi connector is utilized and web association with Model B is LAN link.

The raspberry pi display Aboard is outlined with 256MB of SDRAM and model B is composed with 51MB.NRaspberry pi is a little size PC contrast and different PCs. The typical PCs RAM memory is accessible in gigabytes. Be that as it may, in raspberry pi board, the RAM memory is accessible more than 256MB or 512MB

CPU (Central Processing Unit)
The Central handling unit is the mind of the raspberry pi board and that is in charge of doing the guidelines of the PC through consistent and scientific operations. The raspberry pi utilizes ARM11 arrangement processor, which has joined the positions of the Samsung world telephone.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
The GPU is a specific chip in the raspberry pi board and that is intended to accelerate the operation of picture figurings. This board composed with a Broadcom video center IV and it bolsters OpenGL

Ethernet Port
The Ethernet port of the raspberry pi is the fundamental entryway for speaking with extra gadgets. The raspberry pi Ethernet port is utilized to plug your home switch to get to the web.

The broadly useful info and yield pins are utilized as a part of the raspberry pi to connect with the other electronic sheets. These pins can acknowledge input and yield orders in view of programming raspberry pi. The raspberry pi manages advanced GPIO pins. These pins are utilized to associate other electronic segments. For instance, you can interface it to the temperature sensor to transmit advanced information.

XBee Socket
The XBee attachment is utilized as a part of raspberry pi board for the remote correspondence reason.

Control Source Connector
The power source link is a little switch, which is set on side of the shield. The principle motivation behind the power source connector is to empower an outside power source.

The Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter is a serial information and yield port. That can be utilized to exchange the serial information as content and it is valuable for changing over the investigating code.

The association choices of the raspberry pi board are two sorts, for example, HDMI and Composite.Many LCD and HD TV screens can be joined utilizing a HDMI male link and with a minimal effort connector. The renditions of HDMI are 1.3 and 1.4 are upheld and 1.4 variant link is prescribed. The O/Ps of the Raspberry Pi sound and video through HMDI, however does not bolster HDMI I/p. More seasoned TVs can be associated utilizing composite video. When utilizing a composite video association, sound is accessible from the 3.5mm jack attachment and can be sent to your TV. To send sound to your TV, you require a link which conforms from 3.5mm to twofold RCA connectors.


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