Water Tank Indicator

This venture is intended to distinguish the water level in an overhead tank utilizing a water-level sensor. This framework likewise shows the water level as a numeric sign (0-9) on a 7-portion show.

This is the circuit intended for overhead-tank-computerized water-level pointer. It is worked around need encoder, BCD-to-7-fragment decoder, 7-portion show and a couple of discrete parts. Because of high information impedance, need encoder faculties water in the holder from its nine information terminals.

 Water Tank Indicator

The sources of info are associated with +5V. The ground terminal of the sensor must be kept at the base of the holder (tank). Need encoder has nine dynamic low data sources and changes over the dynamic contribution to dynamic low BCD yield. It utilizes a 7-portion show to demonstrate the water level in numeric shape from "0" to "9."

The power supply comprises of a stage down transformer 230/12V, which ventures down the voltage to 12V AC. This is changed over to DC utilizing a Bridge rectifier. The swells are expelled utilizing a capacitive channel and, it is then controlled to +5V utilizing a voltage controller 7805, which is required for the operation of various ICs and parts.

Moreover, the venture can be upgraded by interfacing it with a signal to ready when the water level falls underneath the base level.

Fundamentally the unit is comprised of different sensors going about as a switch. Give me a chance to clarify just. What happens is the point at which you turn on you water pump, the water begins to get pumped from your underground store or from your underground water supply from the channels to your water tank. In the tank there is an arrangement of sensors( to be exact there are 9 sensors), in the water tank. Simply think them as a switch, as the work of the sensor will be to interface a circuit.. 

So the water begins to get filled in the tank and when the water level in the tank begins to ascend, what happens is that the sensors that is introduced in the tank begins to get initiated one by one showing the water level in the tank. Lastly when it compasses to its top most sensor, there will be a visual show and additionally a sound from the unit demonstrating that the water has filled in the tank and one can be cautioned that the tank has been topped off and the water pump must be turned off sparing the power charge and additionally over stream of water from the tank


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