Autonomous Farming Robot for Plant Health Indication Controlled by Raspberry Pi2

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Agribusiness is extremely work escalated field and just field where the robot is not utilized by and by. Presently a-days numerous businesses are attempting to lessen this human work by making machine as far as robot. Vision based column direction of robot is finished by a procedure named as posture (having mix of picture and its edge) controls a robot in succession field. So along these lines the stage which we have executed helps the robot to utilize procedure named as stance for its column direction. Here we are outlining self-sufficient canny cultivating robot which shows the plant well being by watching the shade of their leaves regarding picture preparing which is finished by raspberry pi and some confinement to plant stature. The robot additionally takes note of the encompassing ecological states of the plant as far as temperature and moistness so that the robot will choose about strength of plat and will show on the LCD.

Leaf sicknesses on plant are the fundamental component and having prevalent quality which show up as spots on the clears out. If there should arise an occurrence of extreme contamination, the leaf turns out to be totally canvassed by malady as far as spots. Diverse sort of leaf maladies on plant decides the quality, amount, and strength of yield. Leaf diggers are the larval phase of a creepy crawly family that encourages between the upper and also bring down some portion of takes off. 

Intensely ailing and harmed because of bug on substantial sum in plants Leaf mine workers are the larval phase of a creepy crawly family that bolsters between the upper and additionally bring down some portion of takes off. Vigorously sick and harmed because of bug on substantial sum in plants it is normal to discover at least 6 larvae per leaf. So these intensely harm of leaf of plant can limit plant development, prompts to diminished yields and loss of force, solid plants can endure significant damage Pesticide use in plant infections treatment expands the extent of dangerous level on rural items prompts to a noteworthy commitment to ground water contamination or making water a great deal more perilous, likewise huge measure of pesticide utilize prompts to increment underway cost. 

This should be possible by recognizing the seriousness of sickness and focus on the illnesses places, with the ailments in plant decrease the yield as well as exacerbating dynamically state of plant. Increment in fitting amount and grouping of pesticide. The typical perception is by and large used to choose infections seriousness in the creation hone yet results are subjective and it's difficult to quantify the ailment seriousness. As one of the patterns of improvement on robotization in coming days is that a wide range of agrarian robots have been inquired about and created to perform number of undertaking like reaping, weeding, pruning, planting, uniting, farming grouping, and so forth. They continuously show up focal points in horticultural generation.

As considering above square outline robot structure is partitioned into three segment first is installed segment second is battery segment and third is manure tank area. Operation of robot is controlled by utilizing PIC18f458 microcontroller, DC engines are utilized for automated operation and that engines are drive through L293d IC. PIC give the flag to the L293d, as indicated by that flag L293d IC offer flag to the DC engine. 12vbattery are utilized for give the supply voltage to the PIC controller, raspberry pi and DC engines. Raspberry pi require 5v DC supply for operation that supply is given through the battery which is mounted on robot. Camera is associated with the USB port of raspberry pi.


Leaf ailments in plant square measure the first prevalent maladies that appear as spots on the clears out. In spite of the fact that plant malady will deny plant development, prompting to lessened yields and loss of energy, solid plants will endure goodly harm. By exploitation picture prepare choose the kind of sickness and per that disease splashing the substance on yield through self-governing cultivating instrument. 

By exploitation cultivating instrument we tend to offer the right treatment to the product and keep up the yield sound and increment the gathering. Principle favorable position of cultivating component is to spare loads of the substance value, work cost and maintain a strategic distance from the immediate contact of agriculturist with compound.


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