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ZigBee Based E-Menu Ordering System

New innovations

Another plan of the E-Menu requesting terminal connected to center and little inn is proposed. The improvement of the E-Menu requesting depends on the product equipment stage on ARM7 (LPC2148), utilizing ZigBee short-extend radio correspondence advancements. It has focal points of superior cost proportion, low power, high dependability and amicable UI. This paper presents two segments one is hand held gadget area and other is principle segment. Both segments comprise of Zigbee handsets. From the principal segment menu ought to taken and spared in memory in that segment. 

E-Menu Ordering System

This data is sent to the primary area through Zigbee remote correspondence. Primary segment will get the data from the main area and stores that information in memory. As indicated by that request which is put away in memory administration is given. Here LCD is utilized to show the information PC is utilized to show information and record for charging.

Using data technology to redesign the administration quality and administration productivity has dependably been gotten extraordinary worry in data advancement of providing food industry. E-Menu Ordering System can help providing food endeavors decrease the expenses of HR, enhance work effectiveness and jump forward from the outside picture to the inside administration quality. 

Utilizing remote modules, can spare the advancement costs. Notwithstanding, the UIs are not amicable, input mistakes effectively happens, and the show is single shading. Furthermore, in view of utilizing infrared beam correspondence, transmission range will be to a great degree constrained. The examination demonstrates that the shortage of remote requesting framework for the medium-sized inns specifically prompts advance gradually. Through contrasting and distinctive evaluations of E-Menu requesting frameworks, the key contrast lies in determination of requesting terminal and remote correspondence. In this paper, the advancement of remote handheld terminal depends on the Software-equipment stage of ARM7 (LPC2148) and, utilizing ZigBee

GLCD and Touch Screen
The handheld requesting terminal actualizes human PC collaboration by 128x64 GLCD and touch screen. There is a superior GLCD Controller incorporated on chip. CPU exchanges pixel information to GLCD screen. The terminal uses 4-wire resistive touch screen. S3C44B0X require examining to judge whether a touch screen has been touched. FM7843 is a 4-wire resistive touch screen input controller incorporated circuit which is generally connected to little versatile gadgets battery fueled. The gadget is a 12-bit simple to-advanced converter with a synchronous serial interface and touch screen driving circuit.

Practical Description

The E-Menu requesting is principally connected to center and little lodgings are proposed. By utilizing this innovation help providing food endeavors diminish the expenses of HR, enhance work productivity and jump forward from the outer picture to the interior administration quality. In this remote handheld requesting framework there will be one focus server (fundamental area), and any number of slaves (client segment). In this the information from the distinctive slaves will be transmitted to the primary segment (ace) through Zigbee. In this paper we have one fundamental area and five handheld segments (client segment). 

In the client segment (slave) we have one GLCD (Graphical LCD), one ARM7 (LPC2148), Zigbee transmitter and at principle area we have one controller, ringer, LCD, PC, Zigbee collector. At the point when the client take seats and he arranges the prerequisites by utilizing GLCD on which the things are shown in pictures organize, and when the client chooses the thing, the contribution from the touch screen will be sent to the controller of ports p1(27,28,29,30) the information from the controller will be in simple shape and controller will change over the simple information to computerized information by utilizing as a part of fabricated ADC, the controller gets the information in advanced frame and as per client input the controller will show the data(images) on GLCD which is associated with the port0(17-24) and sends the information to the zigbee through the transmitter pin(P0.1) then the zigbee transmits the information to the principle segment zigbee.

The fundamental area zigbee gets the information transmitted by the handheld segment zigbee and sends the information to the controller tenth stick and when the information has gotten, the controller will make the pin(p2.2) high to which the signal is associated, when it is made high then the ringer will blow which demonstrates information has gotten and the controller in mean while show the data(order by the client which) on the LCD is associated with the controller to the port1 pins and the controller will send the information to various segment of server and it will show the information on PC as table no, things requested by the client for charging.