Coconut DehuskerTechnology


India is the world's third biggest maker of coconut after the Philippines and Indonesia. India alone records for around 70% of the world creation of coir and coir items. The aggregate yield of coir and coir items in India is evaluated to be around Rs.1500.00 crore including fares of Rs.350.00 crore. Every one of the parts of coconut plantation, for example, coconut husk, shell, copra, coconut water are valuable. Coconut husk is utilized as a part of coir technology, shell as a fuel, copra as nourishment, coconut water as nutritious fluid. There are many homestead hardware's and devices which are created for the post gathering operation of agricultural yields. 

The dehusking technology of a coconut is viewed as the most tedious, tiring, and troublesome operation to perform and includes much human drudgery. Many endeavors has been done to perform coconut dehusking physically and motorized. Dehusking with customary hand devices like blade or a spike relies on upon the aptitude of specialist and includes preparing. These days there is deficiency of such gifted laborers. The motorized or the power worked machines are created to kill the disadvantages of manual instruments. Such manual instruments and machines are produced everywhere throughout the world and a not very many have turned out to be prominent, rest got vanished because of their constraints. 

Vehicle Collision Avoidance with Dynamic Speed Governor Technology


Car vehicles must be furnished with impact shirking frameworks for foreseeing the potential crash arrangements, for example, another vehicle or a person on foot. After distinguishing a potential impact, such technology start an activity to dodge the crash and additionally give a notice inside the bureau. This framework comprise of a separation measuring framework utilizing ultrasonic waves using the PIC 16f877A microcontroller and transmits a blasted of ultrasonic waves along the vehicle's bearing and after that gets the comparing reverberation from the articles ahead. 

A ultrasonic sound sensor is utilized to distinguish the landing of the resound to the technology. The time taken for the ultrasonic blasted to venture to every part of the separation from the framework to the question and back to the framework is precisely measured by the microcontroller. It likewise gives a notice flag to the driver if the separation amongst vehicle and impediment crosses a specific point of confinement. It additionally screens the speed of the vehicle and if the speed surpasses the farthest point of a specific hindrance separate, it tosses a notice.


Depiction of technology

Ground cooling and warming frameworks have utilization of the effect between the ground or groundwater temperature and the coveted space or process temperature to exchange warm between the building or procedure to be warmed or cooled and the ground. Where warmth is required at a high temperature, the warmth separated starting from the earliest stage be redesigned in a warmth pump framework. Utilizing the ground as a warm vitality source or sink has focal points over air in that ground temperature is a great deal less factor than air temperatures. 

In the UK, at ground profundity beneath 10 m the ground temperature remains roughly steady at around 10° C. Ground warm trade frameworks comprise of two primary subsystems. The ground circle and the warm vitality dissemination technology. There are two essential sorts of circles: shut and open. In open circle frameworks ground water is disconnected from an aquifer through one borehole, goes through the warmth exchanger and after that is released to a similar aquifer during a time borehole some separation away. In the UK reflection and release of groundwater requires a permit from the Environment Agency. 

Self-Vibratory Drilling Head-Spindle Technology


New materials advancements have prompted new composite materials answers for supplant existing customary materials. The consistence of the quality and the life expectancy of boring devices ends up plainly troublesome, these two being significant lessened. The imperatives produced amid the penetrating procedure are critical in sufficiency and many-sided quality. For this reason, an embraced machining arrangement in view of vibration helped penetrating was introduced. 

This paper plans to dynamic investigation of another penetrating arrangement helped with vibration . This framework is the subject of a patent. To assess the dynamic conduct of the penetrating vibration framework a test setup was planned and assembled. The review permitted the recognizable proof of regular frequencies and assurance of dynamic parameters: solidness, damping and mass. These parameters are required in the further advancement of a dynamic model to advance the reel cutting conditions. For this reason a dynamic assessment of boring framework helped with constrained vibrations was forced.

LPG Refrigeration technology


Supply of persistent power is as yet not accessible in a few ranges of the nation and the world. At such places, this work will be useful for refrigeration of nourishment, solutions, and so on... In this work we have examined the execution of a cooler in light of condensed oil gas (LPG) refrigerant since LPG is locally accessible and is anything but difficult to transport anyplace. LPG is a repercussion in oil refineries and includes 24.4% propane, 56.4% butane and 17.2% isobutene which have low breaking point (lower than 0 oC). The technology utilization of LPG for refrigeration reason can be condition neighborly since it has no ozone consumption potential (ODP). 

Normally LPG is utilized as a fuel for cooking nourishment in houses, restaurants, inns, and so forth what's more, the ignition results of LPG are CO2 and H2O. In this venture we have composed and broke down a cooler utilizing LPG as refrigerant. LPG is accessible in barrels at high weight. At the point when this high weight LPG is gone through the slim container of little interior measurement, the weight of LPG is dropped because of extension and stage change of LPG happens in an isoenthalpic technology. Because of stage change from fluid to gas dormant warmth is picked up by the fluid refrigerant and the temperature drops. Thus LPG can create refrigerating impact for a kept space. From exploratory examinations, we have found that the COP of an icebox which utilizes LPG is higher than a local fridge.

Car Black BoxTechnology with Speed Control


This paper introduces a propelled venture to the idea of auto black-box technology in building up a complete vehicle well being framework which would record the video and sound, as well as attempt to keep a conceivable impact by restricting the speed of the vehicle in clumsy zones. In the event of a mischance, the time and area (co-ordinates) is sent through GSM to a preset number for prompt save and treatment. Recorded information can likewise be utilized for criminology, uncovering the issues that brought on the mischance and give maker a thought for development. So the aphorism is to build up an implanted coordinated framework comprising of a microcontroller, a power supply unit, sensors, memory, an engine driver unit and a GPS/GSM modem.

The Black-box technology is an advanced video-sound occasion information recorder. The idea is like the "discovery" information recorders on planes. It records all the data, similar to speed and temperature of the lodge/motor, time and area, previously, then after the fact the mishaps with the goal that it can be utilized to break down the mischance as needs be. It incorporates a web-camera, an amplifier, a real time clock, and other electronic segments, all controlled by a chip with inserted programming and completely self contained in a little, rough black box that introduces subtly on the dash load up . Benefits clients get are exact, ongoing, simple to translate information, a carefully designed framework, and extra security. 



Vehicle security framework has been a point of extraordinary enthusiasm throughout the years because of the expanding vehicle burglary cases detailed everywhere throughout the world. A large portion of the propelled vehicle security frameworks technology best suit the four wheelers. As of the security framework for bikes is concerned, the frameworks accessible in market are of no match to the all around prepared criminals. At the point when under assault, these frameworks can just immobilize the motor and sound an uproarious alert. It is a genuine constraint. 

In this paper we propose a solid and powerful outline of Two Wheeler Vehicle Security System (TWVSS) technology with components improving the security of the vehicle and guaranteeing the well being of the rider. In our proposed security framework different new elements are incorporated into expansion to the motor immobilizer and caution. Few of the vital elements bolstered by our framework are alarming proprietor by enabling client to control the framework remotely by calling an enrolled number, following the area of vehicle utilizing GPS innovation, Push-Pull Wheel locking Solenoid and side stand marker.


Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems give space molding - warming, cooling, and dampness control. They may likewise give water warming - either to supplement or supplant customary water radiators. Geothermal Heating and Cooling technology work by moving warmth, instead of by changing over concoction vitality to warmth like in a heater. Each Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems has three noteworthy subsystems or parts: a geothermal warmth pump to move warm between the building and the liquid in the earth association, an earth association for exchanging heat between its liquid and the earth, and a circulation subsystem for conveying warming or cooling to the building. Every framework may likewise have a desuper heater to supplement the building's water warmer, or a full-request water radiator to meet the majority of the building's boiling hot water needs.

Geothermal Heat Pump
The geothermal warmth pump is bundled in a solitary bureau, and incorporates the compressor, circle to refrigerant warm exchanger, and controls. Frameworks that appropriate warmth utilizing ducted air likewise contain the air handler, channel fan, channel, refrigerant-to-air warm exchanger, and condensate evacuation framework for aerating and cooling. For home establishments, the geothermal warmth pump bureau is typically situated in a storm cellar, upper room, or storage room. In business establishments, it might be hung over a suspended roof or introduced as an independent comfort.

Two Stroke Air Driven Engine


The most recent pattern in the car business is to grow light weight vehicles. Each car industry is hoping to decrease the heaviness of the vehicle as it aides in the better treatment of the vehicle and expands the productivity of the vehicle. Today, the substantial vehicles are known for delivering a lot of unsafe gasses like CO2, SO2 and so on which go about as the significant hot spot for a worldwide temperature alteration. So research technology is going ahead to locate a light weight vehicle which does not dirty the earth. One of the options is the utilization of compacted air to create energy to run a car. Because of the remarkable and natural inviting properties of air, it is considered as one without bounds energizes which will run the vehicles. 

So in this paper an exertion is made to concentrate the degree of research done and the potential focal points and weaknesses of the compacted air innovation. We propose the Air Driven Engine which is an eco-accommodating motor that works with compacted air. An Air Driven Engine utilizes the extension of compacted air to drive the cylinders of a motor An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that makes helpful work by extending packed air. 


Silicon photonics is a developing technology in which information is exchanged among PC chips by optical beams. Optical beams can convey significantly a bigger number of information in less time than electrical conveyors.

Optical fiber is being utilized to defeat the restriction of copper in systems administration and capacity range systems (SANs) technology  to bolster quicker interconnects between server farms. The following edge in execution is the availability among chips and processors. 


The idea includes joining laser and silicon innovation on a similar chip. The enhanced execution comes about because of the more noteworthy accessible data transmission and higher proliferation speed of infrared (IR) bars contrasted and electric current. The compelling execution of silicon photonics innovation would significantly expand the preparing pace and energy of PCs.

Snapdragon Processors

Snapdragon Processors
Qualcomm has planned a group of portable framework on chips (SoCs) technology , all things considered named "Snapdragon" which is a stage, for use on smartbook gadgets, tablets and cell phones.

The 'Scorpion', or the primary Snapdragon CPU, was planned by Qualcomm. With elements technology like the ARM Cortex-A8 center, it depends on the ARM v7 direction set. The Scorpion has, in any case, a limit with respect to expanded execution inside interactive media SIMD operations. Scorpion's successor is the 'Krait', which offers similitudes with the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU.


These processors can decipher top quality video at 720p or 1080p, contingent upon their sort. Perfect with Windows 8, the Adreno 225 in Snapdragon S4 SoCs likewise has bolster for Direct X 9/Shader Model 3.0.

WI-FI Based Wireless Datalogger Technology


This paper point is to build up a Wi-Fi based remote Datalogger through which we can gauge any physical or natural parameters like temperature, weight, ebb and flow, water level, soil dampness, precipitation, wind speed and heading, beat signals and so on, and store the information for a time frame. Information lumberjacks can record a wide assortment of vitality and natural estimations including temperature, relative stickiness, AC/DC ebb and flow and voltage, differential weight, light power, water level, soil dampness, precipitation, wind speed and course, beat signals and so on. 

Amid setup the datalogger is physically associated with the PC and scan for a current remote system so it can be put anyplace inside scope of the system. Our created framework measures diverse physical parameters and hold them for a timeframe utilizing datalogger shield which is associated with PC through remote with the guide of Wi-Fi shield. The Wi-Fi shield technology utilized here is Tinysine Wi-Fi shield and it depends on meandering systems RN-XV module. 

Micro Grid Safety & Protection Strategies

Microgrids have been proposed so as to enhance dependability and soundness of electrical framework technology and to guarantee control nature of matrix. Microgrid comprises of low voltage circulation frameworks with appropriated vitality assets, for example, wind turbine and photo voltaic power frameworks, together with capacity gadgets. It is fundamental to ensure a smaller scale lattice in both the matrix associated and the islander method of operation against every distinctive kind of shortcomings. This paper portrays miniaturized scale technology assurance and well being idea with focal control and checking unit where multi functional shrewd advanced transfer could be utilized. This focal control and observing framework is utilized for versatile transfer settings procedure for miniaturized scale network insurance.

With the improvement of sustainable power source, vitality stockpiling and circulated era (DG) the microgrid has pulled in more worry because of its extraordinary components. A smaller scale lattice comprises of a low to medium voltage system of little load bunches with DG sources and capacity. Miniaturized scale lattices can work in an is landed mode or can be associated with the principle network framework. In the event that a small scale lattice is associated with the framework, it is viewed as a solitary total load or source. One of the potential favorable circumstances of a smaller scale lattice is that it could give a more dependable supply to clients by islanding from the framework in case of a noteworthy unsettling influence. 

Energized DC engine using Artificial Neural Network Technology

This paper presents the idea of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology in evaluating and controlling the speed of independently energized DC engine. The Neural Network conspire comprises of two sections: one is the neural estimator, which is utilized to assess the engine speed and the other is the neural controller, which is utilized to produce a control motion for a converter. Standard three layer nourish forward neural system with sigmoid actuation works in the information and concealed layers  in the yield layer is utilized. Reenactment results are introduced to show the viability and favorable position of control arrangement of DC engine with ANNs in examination with the ordinary control conspire.

The advancement of superior engine drives is critical in modern applications. By and large, a superior engine drive framework must have great dynamic speed summon following and load managing reaction. D.C engines have for quite some time been the essential methods for electric footing. D.C engine is viewed as a SISO framework technology having torque/speed qualities good with most mechanical burdens. 

Speed Control of Induction Motor using Wind Turbine Technology


This paper proposes an outline of a speed control of three stage acceptance engine encouraged from wind turbine utilizing hereditary calculation. The wind turbine goes about as a prime-mover for doubly sustained acceptance generator. To make the framework technology steady, appropriate checking is required or now and again a helper framework can likewise be a decent alternative, which can bolster the essential framework amid undesirable conditions. 

Speed Control of Induction Motor

The three stage enlistment engine has wide applications in businesses because of its tough development, effectiveness and ease. Hereditary calculation is utilized for estimation of input controller parameters for three stage acceptance engine encouraged from wind turbine .Genetic calculation offers certain focal points, for example, straightforward computational strides, subsidiary free advancement, lessened no. of emphasis and guaranteed close worldwide optima. The technology reproduction comes about demonstrate a huge improvement in shortening advancement time and enhancing dynamic execution of the acceptance machine contrasted with the regular speed control of enlistment engine drive.

On-Screen Laser Spot Detection Technology for Large Display Interaction

Laser pointer based interfaces exhibit a fascinating option for connection with expansive shows, for example, those given by video projection frameworks. Keeping in mind the end goal to work effectively, such framework technology  need to rapidly and dependably distinguish the on-screen laser spot produced by the pointer. This paper portrays a quick calculation for continuous laser spot following and displays some execution comes about.

Expansive showcases are progressively present for ordinary use, at work or at home. Communicating with these showcases requires distinctive type of control than for a traditional desktop PC, since both console and mouse require a flat surface to work. The options for connection are thus: touch touchy board, light/electronic pens, laser pointers or some other sort of remote handheld information gadgets (WHID), and in addition discourse and motion acknowledgment framework technology. 

Recognizing and Analyzing the Child Activity


As children more often than not begin strolling in the vicinity of 9 and 16 months, they are at danger of tumbling from furniture or stairs. As little children figure out how to climb, they are at danger of tumbling from windows and beds. Falls are a regular reason for damage in kids. Mischance and crisis divisions and outpatient observation framework technology demonstrate that falls are a standout among the most well-known components of wounds that require medicinal care, and the most widely recognized nonfatal damage that now and again needs hospitalization. In youngsters more youthful than four years old, most fall-related wounds happen at home. In this manner, another security administration strategy for youngsters is required to anticipate kid home mischances. 

Child Activity

Since the significant reasons for fall-related wounds change as a youngster develops and creates, fall counteractive action should be tended to. A standout technology among the most difficult issues in this setting is to arrange every day exercises of kids into sheltered and perilous exercises. MEMS are the most suitable gadgets for movement remuneration which is an innovation that in its most broad shape can be characterized as scaled down mechanical and electro-mechanical components (i.e., gadgets and structures) that are made utilizing the procedures of micro fabrication. The basic physical measurements of MEMS gadgets can change from well beneath one micron on the lower end of the dimensional range, the distance to a few millimeters.