Car Black BoxTechnology with Speed Control


This paper introduces a propelled venture to the idea of auto black-box technology in building up a complete vehicle well being framework which would record the video and sound, as well as attempt to keep a conceivable impact by restricting the speed of the vehicle in clumsy zones. In the event of a mischance, the time and area (co-ordinates) is sent through GSM to a preset number for prompt save and treatment. Recorded information can likewise be utilized for criminology, uncovering the issues that brought on the mischance and give maker a thought for development. So the aphorism is to build up an implanted coordinated framework comprising of a microcontroller, a power supply unit, sensors, memory, an engine driver unit and a GPS/GSM modem.

The Black-box technology is an advanced video-sound occasion information recorder. The idea is like the "discovery" information recorders on planes. It records all the data, similar to speed and temperature of the lodge/motor, time and area, previously, then after the fact the mishaps with the goal that it can be utilized to break down the mischance as needs be. It incorporates a web-camera, an amplifier, a real time clock, and other electronic segments, all controlled by a chip with inserted programming and completely self contained in a little, rough black box that introduces subtly on the dash load up . Benefits clients get are exact, ongoing, simple to translate information, a carefully designed framework, and extra security. 

Different advantages incorporate having the capacity to perceive what the driver could see, listen, and feel in a crash. The UI is extremely straightforward and has been intended to limit driver diversions. A green pointer light demonstrates that the framework is outfitted and prepared to catch an occasion. When an impact is recognized consequently, the pointer light will turn red and begin recording all the significant information amid a pre-characterized period previously, then after the fact the mishap. 

Gathering of sound and video can happen by a camera which can be effectively put away in a glimmer memory/SD card. Caught video and sound is date and time-stamped and can be downloaded to a tablet phone VCR for survey and additionally long haul stockpiling. Occasions can be shown quickly on a TV or camcorder, hence offering awesome simplicity for survey recorded data. For more productivity, the information recorded will get revived on each begin of the vehicle for dealing with the restricted information stockpiling limit, unless a mischance has occurred.

The uses of Car Black-box include:
1. Better crash explore that may create enhanced driver instruction programs, more secure street outlines and enhance roadway well being.
2. Crash information for research, information to enhance vehicle plan inside and remotely
3. To record the applicable information, as well as attempt and keep a conceivable crash by restricting the speed of the vehicle in clumsy regions.
4. Remote correspondence by transmission of ready message in case of a crash alongwith the time and area co-ordinates through GSM


The In Vehicle based Car Black-box comprises of a Microcontroller 89S52 center of the family 8051 inserted framework utilized broadly in the business with an ARM processor. A web camera and a receiver is available for video and sound recording. The GSM/GPS module is additionally associated with the processor. Figure 1 demonstrates the whole design of the Car Black-box . The information from infrared sensors are given to an encoder changing over it from parallel to serial and transmitted remotely by means of a transmitter module. 

The mishap switch is a hardware which faculties irregular readings and triggers the framework. Different sensors, for example, the temperature and speed sensor are changed over from simple to computerized and given to the microcontroller. Contingent upon different data sources given and bi-directional availability with the ARM processor, the 89S52 controller takes choices and changes yield given to the engine driver get together which is in direct contact with the engines of the auto. The microcontroller not just perceives the crash through the interfere with stick associated with the mischance switch when auto accident is distinguished, additionally moves the information of the memory support to the SD card. 

The recording camera contains CMOS sensors having points of interest like low power utilization, little size, coordinate advanced yield and basic outline contrasted with customary ones. The GPS (Global Positioning System) persistently tracks the vehicle's position and keeps record of precise time. The SD card utilized was chosen remembering recently rising sound video shopper electronic gadgets. It can bolster simple interface enabling a PC to be associated with no uncommon gadgets making it more convenient.


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