Two Stroke Air Driven Engine


The most recent pattern in the car business is to grow light weight vehicles. Each car industry is hoping to decrease the heaviness of the vehicle as it aides in the better treatment of the vehicle and expands the productivity of the vehicle. Today, the substantial vehicles are known for delivering a lot of unsafe gasses like CO2, SO2 and so on which go about as the significant hot spot for a worldwide temperature alteration. So research technology is going ahead to locate a light weight vehicle which does not dirty the earth. One of the options is the utilization of compacted air to create energy to run a car. Because of the remarkable and natural inviting properties of air, it is considered as one without bounds energizes which will run the vehicles. 

So in this paper an exertion is made to concentrate the degree of research done and the potential focal points and weaknesses of the compacted air innovation. We propose the Air Driven Engine which is an eco-accommodating motor that works with compacted air. An Air Driven Engine utilizes the extension of compacted air to drive the cylinders of a motor An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that makes helpful work by extending packed air. 

There is no blending of fuel with air as there is no burning. An Air Driven Engine makes utilization of Compressed Air Technology for its operation The Compressed Air Technology is very basic. In the event that we pack ordinary air into a barrel the air would hold some vitality inside it. This vitality can be used for helpful purposes. At the point when this compacted air extends, the vitality is discharged to do work. So this vitality in compacted air can likewise be used to dislodge a cylinder.

At first look running a motor on air is by all accounts pipe dream. Really, in the event that we can make utilization of air as a guide for running a motor it is an incredible thought. As we as a whole know, air is surrounding us, it never runs out, it is non-dirtying and it is free. An Air Driven Engine makes utilization of Compressed Air Technology for its operation. Compacted Air Technology is currently broadly favored for research by various enterprises for creating distinctive drives for various purposes. The Compressed Air Technology is very basic. On the off chance that we pack typical air into a barrel the air would hold some vitality inside it. 

This vitality can be used for valuable purposes. At the point when this packed air grows, the vitality is discharged to do work. So this vitality in compacted air can likewise be used to uproot a cylinder. This is the fundamental working guideline of the Air Driven Engine. It utilizes the development of compacted air to drive the cylinders of the motor. So an Air Driven Engine is essentially a pneumatic actuator that makes helpful work by extending packed air. This work given by the air is used to supply energy to the crankshaft of the motor. 

On account of an Air Driven Engine, there is no ignition occurring inside the motor. So it is non-dirtying and less perilous. It requires lighter metal just since it doesn't need to withstand lifted temperatures. As there is no ignition occurring, there is no requirement for blending fuel and air. Here packed air is the fuel and it is straightforwardly encouraged into the cylinder barrel course of action. It just grows inside the barrel and does helpful work on the cylinder. This work done on the cylinder gives adequate energy to the crankshaft.

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Air can be packed into little volumes and can be put away in appropriate compartments at high weights. Such air compacted into compartments is related with a measure of vitality. At the point when the put away packed air is discharged uninhibitedly it grows subsequently discharging the vitality related with it. This vitality discharged can be used to give helpful work.

A two-stroke motor is an inner ignition motor that finishes the thermodynamic in two developments of the cylinder contrasted with twice that number for a four-stroke motor. This expanded effectiveness is refined by utilizing the start of the pressure stroke and the finish of the ignition stroke to perform at the same time the admission and debilitate (or rummaging) capacities. Along these lines two-stroke motors regularly give strikingly high particular power. 

Gas (start) adaptations are especially helpful in lightweight (versatile) applications, for example, cutting tools and the idea is likewise utilized as a part of diesel pressure start motors in substantial and non-weight touchy applications, for example, boats and trains. All capacities are controlled exclusively by the cylinder covering and revealing the ports as it climbs and down in the barrel. A key contrast from common four-stroke motors is that the crankcase is fixed and shapes some portion of the enlistment procedure in fuel and hot globule motors. Diesel motors have for the most part a roots blower or cylinder pump for rummaging. 

There are no conventional valves in a two-stroke motor. In a two-stroke the motors fires once every upset. This makes the motor exceedingly proficient and lightweight contrasted with four-stroke frameworks. As opposed to entering through valves, the fuel/air blend enters through an admission port and fumes exits out of a fumes port. Set up of customary valves the two-stroke motor uses the cylinder's position to compel out fumes or suck in fuel blend. Reeds are crucial to a two-stroke framework. The reeds are put between the admission complex and the carburetor, open and near permit the fuel/air blend to enter the instance of the motor and trap it, and guarantee the best possible trade of gasses in the motor. This system may sound complex, however it is, truth be told, to a great degree successful and straightforward.

A solenoid valve is an electromagnetically valve for use with fluid or gas. The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid loop. Solenoid valves may have at least two ports: on account of a two-port valve the stream is turned on or off; on account of a three-port valve, the outpouring is exchanged between the two outlet ports. Numerous solenoid valves can be set together on a complex. Solenoid valves are the most every now and again utilized control components in fluidics. Their errands are to stop, discharge, dosage, disseminate or blend liquids. They are found in numerous application ranges. Solenoids offer quick and safe exchanging, high unwavering quality, long administration life, great medium similarity of the materials utilized, low control power and smaller plan. 

A solenoid valve has two principle parts: the solenoid and the valve. The solenoid changes over electrical vitality into mechanical vitality which, thusly, opens or shuts the valve mechanically. An immediate acting valve has just a little stream circuit, appeared inside area E of this chart. This stomach steered valve increases this little stream by utilizing it to control the course through a substantially bigger opening. Solenoid valves may utilize metal seals or elastic seals, and may likewise have electrical interfaces to take into account simple control. A spring might be utilized to hold the valve opened or shut while the valve is not actuated.


Air motor chips away at a similar standard of that of an interior burning motor. The main contrast between the two is that in an interior ignition motor; the blast of fuel in the burning chamber delivers the vitality to move the cylinder, while in an air motor the vitality for moving cylinder is obtained from the provided compacted air. The entire gathering of our air motor comprises of somewhat altered ic motor, valve timing plate connected to the flywheel of the motor, sensor controlled valve component, funneling framework, gage framework, air compressor and air tank. 

For the correct and keeps working of the motor the planning with which the compacted air is provided is of incredible significance. So as to make it exact we utilized sensor controlled valve component. The valve timing plate is made with most extreme accuracy to exact operation of valve. For that the external right on target district (ODC) of the cylinder is discovered and is set apart on to the settled valve timing plate. By a similar strategy the point just before the fumes port opening(EPO) is discovered and set apart on the circle with the assistance of a cross sectional change. For beginning; the motor is turned by the kicker. This will turn the crankshaft alongside the valve timing plate in the clockwise course. Amid this pivot the ODC locale of the circle cuts the IR pillar first and taken after by the EPO area. 

At the point when the IR pillar is first cut by ODC district, the circuit enacts the solenoid valve by electric flag. Right now the valve gets opened and permits the stream of compacted air into the barrel from the tank through the funneling framework. The entire district from the purpose of ODC to EPO on the valve timing circle is obscure and does not permits the IR bar through it. So all the way long the circuit keeps up the solenoid valve open by providing a ceaseless supply of electric current to the valve. In the meantime the compacted air from the tank keeps on filling in the barrel there by pushing the cylinder advance towards the base flawlessly focused (BDC). Be that as it may, to build the fuel productivity the fuel supply ought to be cut-off before coming to the EPO


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