Automatic Colour Mixing Machine Technology using PLC

In this shading blending machine technology we utilize three tanks which are of Red, Blue and Yellow. The three tanks comprise of level sensor and fitted with water driven line. The water powered line comprise of solenoid valve.The tank comprises of shading Steiner of Red, Blue and Yellow. The Steiner streams from water powered line into the blending tank through solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is a computerized yield gadget that is associated with the PLC .Their is three solenoid valves associated with three tanks. The white shading tint is in which is tank 4 of required extent (according to arrange). The heaviness of the blending tank is figured by a weight measuring sensor i.e. stack cell. The heap cell is a simple sort yield gadget.

Computerization is one of fruitful field in this day and age and it has turned into the foundation of control building. Mechanization assumes an undeniably critical part on the planet economy and in every day encounter. The objective is to give plant administrators and specialists the instruments to screen and control their plant all the more effectively. With the quick improvement in technology, the more concentrate is on choice of utilization situated Controllers and apparatuses. 

PLC and DCS are the most productive and generally utilized instruments in modern computerization. Mechanization is only taking a framework or process and making it programmed by killing human work however much as could be expected. With the greater part of the innovative advances that have happened throughout the years, clearly as a rule robotization hardware can get activities going significantly speedier, more dependably and more reliably than a human can. Mechanical Automation is the business of helping business to robotize the frameworks that delivers their merchandise or administrations in the most effective way conceivable. Advantages of Industrial Automation are item created quicker, item delivered all the more reliably, items delivered all the more dependably and diminished work costs status of framework produces the data as indicated by guidelines and activate the control component keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the control variable to its inexact esteem. 

The most established technique in process control was manual control in which human takes all activities and choices yet because of mistakes in this strategy; it was trailed by hard-wired rationale control. Rationale entryway was one-stage headway in this technique. As circuit ends up noticeably bigger multifaceted nature of rationale door continues expanding so Micro controller comes into picture taken after by PLC programming. Control of field signs is finished utilizing these gadgets according to signs originating from gadgets and many-sided quality of process.

Disadvantages of conventional system
Ordinary control framework may bring about different mistakes because of the inclusion of the people. In customary control the information handling, information gathering and recording is finished with the assistance of people. Along these lines to keep away from this we are utilizing a PLC to gather the information, contrast it and the standard esteem and the disentangled yield is given to the procedure. In the meantime PLC will create its yield in portion of time.

This shading blending machine is of corob d200 of Asian paints hardware. This machine depends on microcontroller, and works 230 VAC. The correct procedure of this machine is portrayed as take after. The procedure of this machine is portrayed as take after; the initial step of this machine is filling the Steiner inside the tank arranged at top of the machine. The strainer is totally filled inside the tank called as segment. At that point the following stage is to give arrange according to necessity of client. The correspondence between the corob machine and PC is finished by appropriate convention. 

The correspondence among machine and PC is finished by machine bolstered programming. In this product the necessity and the amount of client is feeded , and according to request given by administrator machine works The initial step is fill the source tanks with the assistance of shading Steiner, Then the tanks are associated through channels and at the of these funnels solenoid valve are fitted. There are two source tanks and one blending tank with is taken into in framework and as there are two source tanks, there are two solenoid valve too. The blending tank is arranged underneath the two source tank and pipes originating from these source tanks is get developed into the blending tank. 

The blending tank comprises of a stirrer the reason for this stirrer is blend the shading consistently exhibit in the blending tank. The principle square or the mind of the framework is Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). It is the controller which controls entire framework. The level sensor, solenoid valve, stack cell is associated with PLC in information and yield module. Entire operation is finished with the assistance of solenoid valve considering time variable of solenoid valve. The opening or shutting of solenoid valve is finished with help of PLC. We utilize Ladder as a programming dialect.


In the wake of outlining equipment setup and drawing stepping stool graph, we have tried the framework in totality. We found that framework is acting according to the arrangement of the procedure. For instance, when solenoid valve 1 is open for quite a while required measure of tint is fall into the blending tank and after the end the valve 1 naturally solenoid valve 2 is open and little measure of Steiner is fall into the blending tank after the end valve 2 consequently engine begins; required measure of blend is legitimately blended into the blending tank and required shading shade is delivered.


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