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What is Technology?
When you think about the word Technology, what rings a bell? It may seem like something from a science fiction show or something that needs to keep running on power. Technology Innovation makes us think about the extremely mind boggling, yet vitality doesn't need to be intricate.

Technology is the utilization of logical learning for down to earth purposes or applications, regardless of whether in industry or in our regular daily existences. Along these lines, fundamentally, at whatever point we utilize our logical learning to accomplish some particular reason for existing, we're utilizing innovation. All things considered, there is somewhat more to it than that. Technology generally includes a particular bit of hardware, yet that gear can be inconceivably straightforward or brilliantly mind boggling. It can be anything from the revelation of the wheel, as far as possible up to PCs and MP3 players.

Sorts of Technology
Since innovation can be so basic or so mind boggling, there are many sorts of Technology. One write is mechanical innovation, which incorporates wheels, cams, levers, apparatuses, belts, and motors. Things that turn, or enable movement one way to cause an alternate sort of movement, are mechanical. The wheel is likely a standout among the most imperative mechanical advances in mankind's history, but then it's super basic.

Maybe the kind of innovation that we're most acquainted with in present day life is electronic innovation, normally quite recently called gadgets, which is a mind boggling type of innovation that utilization electric circuits to accomplish an objective. Electric circuits can likewise fluctuate in many-sided quality. In the event that you observe a circuit board with many obviously irregular pathways blended in with different segments, you know how complex hardware can be. In any case, anything that keeps running on power is electronic. This incorporates PCs, clothes washers, dryers, MP3 players, auto radios, TVs—anything you connect to the divider outlet. You can likewise part innovation into sorts in view of reason. There's modern and assembling innovation, medicinal innovation, interchanges innovation, and others.

Technology Innovation is the arrangement of information, aptitudes, experience and systems through which people change, change and utilize our condition with a specific end goal to make apparatuses, machines, items and administrations that address our issues and cravings. Etymologically the word originates from the Greek  (specialized, workmanship, ability) and logos (information).

The starting point of the innovation goes back to the Stone Age, when our predecessors found the presence in nature of a progression of stone (quartz, obsidian ....) greatly hard which could form and hone it, this disclosure with encounter created to hone enabled them to make the principal blades, tomahawks and cutting instruments which encouraged the work of chasing so as to guarantee an every day nourishment proportion.

In the past illustration we have seen people changed his surroundings choosing a stone and altering it to make a device by his ability and information, permitting chase creatures all the more rapidly and successfully.

All items around us in our every day lives are results of various innovative advances that have created throughout the era of our reality, we have changed characteristic assets to make instruments and machines that make our lives all the more simple, fulfill our interest a longing to exceed expectations. PCs, tablets and cell phones, trains, autos and planes, the globule and the microchip, the primary man on the Moon and overcome of the space are breakthroughs of our most recent innovation.

Technology Innovation not just gives articles or material merchandise, for example, blades, PCs or shuttle, likewise incorporates each one of those approach and elusive products which fulfill our necessities and wishes, so we can arrange the innovation into 2 gatherings:

•Hard advances - are those that give us substantial merchandise.
•Soft advances - are those that give us intangibles.

Hierarchical techniques, for example, lean assembling, creating and offering business procedures, money related bookkeeping frameworks, creation and improvement of programming, instructing  are cases of delicate advancements.

Generally the delicate advances are identified with economy, administration and organization, humanism... while hard advancements are identified with the field of material science and science.

There are different approaches to characterize and recognize existing advancements, orders as:

• Flexible Technology - includes the arrangement of innovations that can be utilized as a part of numerous application regions, the microchip is utilized as a part of different items like TVs, phones, PCs, machines ... what's more, in various applications, for example, prescription, space look into ...

• Fixed Technology - includes the entire of innovation must be utilized for an item or particular territory, for example, fungicides are items that are utilized for the evacuation of microscopic organisms, growths, infection and molds.

•There is probably innovative advances have profoundly changed our state of mind, being and living and in addition the encompassing condition. We have unearthed vast regions of land for seeking and extraction of metals and minerals that enable us to make machines and apparatuses, we have cut various augmentations of trees with a specific end goal to get wood, we blended synthetic mixes in the lab which have associated and changed our condition, utilize burning items that transmit CO2 into our environment, our day by day action creates a considerable measure of waste ... issues, for example, deforestation, environmental change, corrosive and radioactive rain and the opening in the ozone layer encompasses our planet Earth has its cause in the different advances created and utilized by people.

•Technology has changed the idea of war and the front line enabling us to make machines and progressively deadly weapons, for example, bombs. Just between World War I and II passed on more than three individuals than every one of the wars that happened amid the past 2.000 years.

•Therefore people are creating advancements all the more perfect and deferential of our condition and ourselves.

•But all is not awful but rather despite what might be expected, on account of innovation our expectation and personal satisfaction has extraordinarily expanded because of the specialized and logical advances we can distinguish and cure infections that beforehand were lethal, have made a general public where any individual approaches information through web, on account of innovation we create, store and convey any sort of nourishment, dress and items that enhance our level and personal satisfaction, innovation has made machines that perform exhausting, unsafe work and requiring an incredible exertion for man, on account of innovation we can speak with anybody on the planet, have vanquished the moon and soon the space.