Applications of eye directive wheelchair

Different Applications of eye directive wheelchair

Applications of eye directive wheelchair

The detailed description and working of eye directive wheelchair can be found on my older post Eye directive Wheelchair”. Here we list out some important real time applications of eye directive wheelchair.

1.     To help physically handicapped persons for their regular life.
2.     Make the movement easier.
3.     Only the movement of eye is required to reach their desired destination.
4.     No need of hand and leg control to operate wheelchair.

5.     Another important application of eye directive wheelchair is in the field of rescue where we cannot enter directly.
6.     Easy self movement for accidental persons.
7.     Easy to operate in hospitals.
8.     Smooth travelling for elderly persons.
9.     Also helpful for children.
10.  We can add more security sensors and used for security applications
11.   We can add more health care sensors and used for health care applications.
12.   We can also replace our conventional driving system with eye controlled driving in future.


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