Salmon Fish in Tamil Name

Indian Salmon Fish in Tamil Name

Indian salmon fish in Tamil name is called "Kaala Meen".

Salmon, initially, the extensive fish presently for the most part called the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), however more as of late the name has been connected to comparative fishes of a similar family (Salmonidae), particularly the Pacific salmon, which constitute the variety Oncorhynchus. Kaala Meen is the another name used for Salmon fish in Tamil name.

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Salmon fish in Tamil

Salmon fish in Tamil is known as Kaala Meen. Kaala Meen is the local name used for Salmon fish in Tamil.

Salmon in Tamil – Kaala Meen

As indicated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium fish watch, wild-got Alaskan salmon is a practical sustenance alternative, or a "best decision" for your wellbeing and in addition the earth. Lower in soaked fat than meat, salmon is a heart-solid fish. It is wealthier in omega-3 fats, a sort of wellbeing advancing unsaturated fat, than most other fish assortments. Like most creature nourishments, it is rich in protein and in addition numerous vitamins and minerals fundamental for human wellbeing.

Salmon is rich in numerous B vitamins. As indicated by the USDA National Nutrient Database, a cooked segment of wild Atlantic salmon gives 0.828 milligrams, or 48 percent of the suggested day by day esteem, for vitamin B-2 and 17.13 milligrams of vitamin B-3, or 84 percent of the DV. These vitamins are essential for vitality digestion and also appropriate sensory system work.

Most assortments of fish are rich in minerals, especially the follow mineral selenium, and salmon is no exemption. A 6-ounce cooked segment of wild Atlantic salmon gives almost 80 micrograms, meeting more than 100 percent of the DV of 70 micrograms. 


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