Famous Snake Temples in Kerala

List of  Famous Snake Temples in Kerala

Karippal Nagam, Kannur

Karippal Nagam, Kannur is one of the important famous snake temple in Kerala. This is where Naga is dealt with as managing god. Karippal family is having control over this sanctuary consequently sanctuary named as Karippal Naga Temple. Neighborhood Committee additionally there for smooth working of sanctuary schedules The two theyyam types of the sanctuary are Nagarajavu and Nagakanni.

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Manarsala Nagaraja Temple, Alappuzha

Manarasala is another famous snake temple in Kerala. Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is an exceptionally old and universally known focal point of journey for the lovers of serpent divine beings (Nagaraja). The celebrated Nagaraja sanctuary "Mannarasala" is settled in a woods meadow, as most snake sanctuaries. The Mannarasala Temple has more than 30,000 pictures of snakes along the ways and among the trees, and is the biggest such sanctuary in Kerala. Ladies looking for fruitfulness come to adore here, and upon the introduction of their kid come to hold thanksgiving services here, frequently bringing new snake pictures as offerings.A exceptional turmeric glue which is accessible at the sanctuary is credited with therapeudic powers.

Naganbozhi-Famous snake temple in Kerala

Ananthankavu Nagalakshmi Temple is an antiquated hallowed forest. The earth delicate sanctuary with Snakes. This is the main sacrosanct groves(surppakavu) with 1000years old icons of Naga Lakshmi with Nagaraja Ananthan. The main Nagalakshmi Temple in Kerala.

Nagankulangara, Alappuzha- Snake temple in Kerala

The directing divinity of this sanctuary is Naga Yakshi and this sanctuary is second imperative sanctuary for naga after Mannarsala Naga Temple

Pambumekkadu - Famous snake temple

Pambummekkattu Mana, is a well known Temple committed to Serpent Gods, arranges at Vadama near Mala Town. It is trusted that the heavenly nearness of "Vasuki" and "Nagayakshi" are there in the "Kizhakkini" of Pambummekkattu Mana.


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