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innenikku pottukuthan lyrics

innenikku pottukuthan lyrics aa.. aa.. Innenikku pottu kuthaan Sandhyakal chaalicha sindhooram Innenikku kannezhuthaan Vinnile nakshathra mashi koodu (innenikku.. mashikoodu) Ente swapnathin ezhunila veettil Kancha baanante kalithozhan (ente) Kannilaake kathiroli veeshi Vannu kayaree poyee (kannil) Pa.. mapa ni pa ga ga ga marisa maripa nidha nisa Ma ri.. nisanidha ninisa Ninimapa gamarisa Nisamari pamapa nidha ninisaniri Pamarisa nisanidha ninisa Nipamapa gamarisa Ma ri pa ma nidhanisa Maripa gamarisari gamarisari Ri nisarisa nipama mapanidha ninisa Mapanidha ninisa mapanidha ninisa (innenikku... mashi koodu) Ponnilanjikal panthalorukki Karnnikaaram thaalameduthu (ponni) Pushpithaagrakal mandaarangal Punchiri thiri neettee (pushpi) aa... aa.. aa... aa.. (innenikku... mashi koodu)

enundodi ambili chandam lyrics

enundodi ambili chandam lyrics Yenithonnum arinjathe illyeee Punnara poonkuyile Nanaa nanaaa naaaaaa Eneno neneno neneneno Eneno neneno neneneno Eneno neneno neneno neneno Eno eno neneno Enundodi ambili chantham Enundodi thamara chantham Enundodi maarivil chantham Enundodi maamazha chantham Kammalitto pottu thotto Enithonnum arinjatheyille Punnara poonkuyile Kaavalam kili kaathilu chollanu Kannilithiri kanmashi vendennu Kumbilil poomanavumaayethanu Kaattu moolanu karivala vendennu Enthinaavo ethinaavo Enithonnum arinjatheyille Panjaara poonkuyile Enundodi… Enundodi ambili chantham Enundodi thamara chantham Kochari mullathakkam parayanu Kaarmudichutti poovonnu kettannu Poothorungi ilanjiyum chollanu Melu vaasanathailam purattaannu Enthinaavo ethinaavo Neeyee marimaayam ellamarinjttum Mindathe nikkaanalle Enundodi ambili chantham Enundodi thamara chantham Enundodi maarivil chantham Enundodi maamazha chantham Kammalitto mmm mmm Enithonnum a

kakke kakke koodevide malayalam lyrics

kakke kakke koodevide malayalam lyrics Kakke kakke koodevide Koottinakathoru Kunjundo Kunjinu theetta kodukkanjal Kunju kidannu karanjeedum ( 2) Kunje kunje nee tharumo Ninnude kayyile neyyappam (2) Ella tharilla neyyappam Ayyo kakke pattichaai.......(2)

Microcontroller in Data Acquisition

Microcontroller in Data Acquisition Theory of Microcontroller in Data Acquisition The engineering assessment in microcontroller improvement assumes essential part in the field of installed frameworks. The installed Microcontroller in Data Acquisition  in mechanical application can be produced around such microcontroller like ARM (propelled RISC machine) to improve the framework execution. This paper incorporates depiction about the information securing framework utilizing ARM Cortex M3 and GUI based LabVIEW programming apparatuses. The framework outlined is not particular for any sensor procurement, so any sensor having signal molding circuit assembled can be associated with the DAQ card. ARM controller is utilized as heart of the DAQ. Because of the impossible to miss components of the ARM Cortex it is utilized as a part of the Microcontroller in Data Acquisition . Working of Microcontroller in Data Acquisition ARM based plans have seen a tremendous development amid th

Gym Management System Project Documentation

Gym Management System Project Documentation Objective of Gym Management System Project Documentation :   The target of the " Gym Management System Project Documentation " is to give a framework which handles the data of the general population coming into the gym center and keeping up their social insurance. It deals with all their well being data. It even keeps up the information of what and all medications utilized by the general population who join the gym center. Information will be put away in the database. It likewise keeps up the general population's participation, gym center records. Scope of Gym Management System Project Documentation:   This venture is useful in the Automation of gym center record including exercise center weights, prescriptions, solid beverages and gym center Management System.

Restaurant ordering System

Restaurant ordering System Ordering is a major issue in every Restaurants. So inorder to help them we are introducing an embedded system which is capable of giving information about menu list in Restaurants.Restaurant ordering System details given below. In our project there are two sections.  An embedded  server and an embedded board in Tables in Restaurants. From Table we can request information about the Menu and check the availability of the order.We can avoid long waits at the cash counter by implementing this system.            The  server will decode the informations send from the embedded board in the table and resend adequate informations. The embedded board  will again decode that information and will display on the LCD screen. So it’s a conveniant system for the customers. MODULES USED in  Restaurant ordering System HARDWARE 1.MICROCONTROLLER 2.ZIGBEE 3.KEYPAD 4.LCD SOFTWARE 1.EMBEDDED C 2.MPLAB